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Academic Competitiveness Grants

Education is the prime need of the locals of any state. But as the time is passing by, the cost getting educated is mounting up. Parents are seeking for different sources which can help them in getting their children educated from competitive colleges and universities. Blessings to the US Government, who has initiated the issuance of academic competitive grants which are in effect from 2005.

How one can qualify for academic competitive grants? First of all, the applicant will be asked to fill FASFA which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Students can fill it online and get these forms from college as well. There are some requirements which students are asked to attach with the form. One must show his full time enrollment in college or university and must fall in the “rigorous academic curriculum” which involves a due number of credit hours in accordance with few important subjects and those must have to be part of student’s mark sheets. This curriculum can be different for different states. Good grades and student’s American nationality will also be considered.

The amounts awarded in academic competitive grants help in covering the tuition fees of colleges. For the first year, an amount of $750 is granted which goes up to $1300 for second year. These grants oblige students to maintain their grades up to 3.0 or more. If you do not have a transcript with you and there is problem in receiving it then go for advance placement classes, pass their exams, prove your eligibility and get the grants.

There are also many other grants than academic competitive grants being distributed by the Government. Those include Institutional grants, Pell grant, state grants and federal supplemental opportunity grants. Out of them Pell grant is very famous amongst the students. Infact you must have to eligible for Pell grants in order to apply for academic competitive grants. Pell grants not only cover tuition fees but other institutional charges as well. Institutional grant is given by institutions themselves but only to those students who show outstanding results and are genius. Federal supplemental grants are merely based upon what is the household income of student, in which house he lives, what car he posses, what is his family size and other family-related information. By judging these factors, a student is granted the funds. State grants also involve same criteria.

Whether it is an academic competitive grant or some other scholarship, these all kinds of financial assistances are offered just to promote the students get the higher education. Though the criteria of getting these grants are pretty strict but at least they offer interest free funds which never require the students to pay them back as students loans do. So, students must take advantage of these grants and must strive hard to get the one. When a person will be educated, he will multiply his education with his educated kith and kin and thus, education will keep on spreading and economies will keep on booming.

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