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Acquiring US Grants Locally in Your Area

There are always community and county Government agencies that can also help you find the finances and US grants you need to pay bills, get housing assistance, college grants, and more. However, these agencies do not always make it easy for a person just to walk in and say that they need a government grant. You will need to provide the necessary documentation and paperwork that proves the dire need for any type of local governmental assistance. Here are a few places locally that you may be able to seek help:

Department of Human Services: It may be termed different depending upon which state you live in, but each state has an agency in your county where you can sign up and apply for food benefits, health insurance, cash assistance, emergency assistance, burial coverage, housing grants, day care assistance, legal help and more.  They will request proof and provide you with guidance as to how you can become eligible for their variety of services and US grants funded assistances.

Red cross 211: Red cross launched a hotline for individuals who are in need for guidance, US grants, and other financial assistance. You can call 211 and a local red cross representative will provide you with resources and phone numbers of community action agencies who are frequently funded by the government to help when disaster strikes, to help with food, homeless, utility shut off, and more.

Salvation army: The Salvation army does all sorts of things for individuals who are in need. They can pay utility bills, help you get help for substance abuse problems, they feed the hungry provide holiday assistance, food, and more. Find the closes Salvation Army in your location, call them and see if they have funds to help you with you unique circumstance.

What you may be eligible for:

SER (state emergency relief): State emergency relief is a special program that provides financial help to those who may need help with burial costs, may need money to pay a utility bill, is getting evicted, and can help with other unforseen problems that can cause stress and lower the quality of living.

Food help: Soup kitchens, food pantries, homeless shelters, and government food stamps can be aqcuired through applying for help, seeking resources in the area. Local churches also have food pantries for those who find their budget cannot handle the costs to feed a family.

TANF: TANF is a fancy term for cash assistance from the US grants government. You will  need to prove your eligibility, and maybe even put in some volunteer hours to get cash paid either monthly or biweekly according to the state that you live in. TANF is available when you have children, and also may be inbetween jobs, laid off, or trying to pursue  higher education to better your financial situation. It is usually only temporary funding though, so be sure to take advantage while you can.

Paperwork  and documents they typically request:

  • Proof of birth certificate
  • Social security card
  • Pay stubs and proof of income
  • Proof of everyone in the household/ birth certificates/ social numbers
  • Utility bills
  • Housing lease or mortgage documents
  • and other things



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