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Alberta Government Grants for Non-Profit Organizations

Alberta government grants are received by those who need them the most. Alberta has a non-profit sector initiative, called ANVSI. Its purpose is to improve the quality of Albertans through non-profit organizations which can support many vibrant and strong communities. The non-profit organizations and the Government have made a great collaborative partnership in order to contribute for building active, sustainable and healthy communities. NPVS or non-profit/voluntary sector is described as self-governing organization that exists just to serve and meet the public criteria. The members are not receiving profit from these contributions and for their work within the organization.

It has a huge role in Alberta’s communities and very often is engaged with Alberta Government. Alberta government grants give financial help for every program and service for the Albertans. The main goal is developing strong non-profit organizations that have the ability to support all Albertans who expect to be part of these communities.

The influence of Alberta NPVS is huge. It includes over 19,000 non-profit organizations and charities along other social service groups. This sector has employed 176,000 Albertans and over 2.5 billion volunteers are contributing towards helping low-income Albertans.  There are thousands of charitable, non-profit groups and volunteers who benefit from their Alberta Lottery Fund every year. You can use its official database to search the communities and groups to see who have received Alberta government grants until now. It’s important to note that these grants are all given through these non-profit organizations.

Government Grants Programs and Foundations

Each day, charitable and non-profit organizations help making positive changes for many people in Alberta. These organizations are the core of very healthy communities. The Government of Alberta offers few grant programs for these organizations that are assisted by government foundations.

  • Alberta Arts Foundation

Through this foundation, the Government has been offering grants for art organizations in order to promote the arts in Alberta. Grant categories that are included are: literary arts, performing arts, visual arts, arts organizations and individual arts. This foundation through the various organizations helps Albertans discover their potential. There are many funding and arts promotions and services for building capacity. They give support to all arts organizations giving them the proper financial help and power to inspire.

  • Foundation for Historical Resources in Alberta

This foundation assists the interpretation and preservation by offering technical and financial help. The grants are going to several heritage non-profit organizations such as:

  • Heritage Preservation Partnership Program
  • Alberta Main Street Program
  • Municipal Heritage Partnership Program
  • Support to Provincial Heritage Organizations
  • Community Initiatives Program

CIP has been using the grants to reinvent the communities in order to empower all the local citizens. They include all community organizations to work together and offer help by responding to community requirements and priorities. Application categories that are available and supported by this program are: community organizations grants for projects, grants for non-profit organizations (registered), and development grants for medium and small sized Alberta non-government organizations.

  • Community Spirit Program

CSP provides Alberta government grants to non-profit organizations that support programs, operations and capital projects that are in favor of the communities.

There are other programs that are offering Alberta government grants such as Community Facility Enhancement Program, Alberta Media Fund, and other Initiatives Program. All of these have one main goal and that is to contribute the government grants to their communities and help them reach their purposes.

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