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Applications for Personal free Government Grants

Most of the grant applicants are wondering how you can actually apply for personal free government grants. We did our homework and I can say that we found the best and the easiest way how to apply for your grant opportunity given by the Government. The easiest way to find all information about these free personal grants is to go to the institute responsible for the grants, the Government. Its department, US Department of Health and Human Services, has a website where you will find many available grants by the Government. Alongside this, you will get information about the agencies responsible for relocating these grants to you, the individuals.

We will go step by step showing you how to apply for personal free government grants.

Step 1: Search

The first step is searching the website in order to find available programs. Grants are ordered with the agencies that are administering those grants. You must find out the deadlines in order to meet them. You can search for the grants without registering to this website, but if you want to apply you must register. Here are some tips for finding what you are searching for:

  • Search through the 26 agencies that are offering grants or you can try narrowing them down by sub-agency.
  • You can always use keyword if you know what you are searching
  • Search by Recovery Act opportunities
  • Perform the search by category

Step 2: Review

After you find all available grant opportunities that meet your criteria, the next step is to review each one of them. This lets you see the opportunity in details and evaluate whether this opportunity is appropriate before you send on the application. After you find your grant, click Application that will lead you to Step 3.

Step 3: Grant Application

The Step 2 gets you down to the application package for the grant. Each package is made in PDF format including to the agency that is administrating the grant. Alongside this, you will find application forms which can be fulfilled offline. All mandatory fields which need to be filled are colored in yellow including asterisk.

Step 4: Completing

Completing the personal free government grants application will be final when you enter the required information and double-check for possible errors. Recheck any files you need to attach for possible viruses before you perform the attaching. If you entered a DUNS number, make sure the number you have used to fill out the blanks matches the number you have on file.

Step 5: Submitting

When you are back online, you need to display the application package cover page and click the “Save & Submit” button in order to upload it to Before doing this, make sure the attachments meet the requirements of the agency that administers the grant. Your application package shouldn’t be bigger than 200 MB in total. Be aware that the file names of the attachments are limited to 50 characters long and can’t include some special characters, periods or blank spaces. The best way to do it is to separate them with underscores (_).

If you want to speed up the processing, you shouldn’t have 2 files named the same. If you thought this won’t cause any problems, change the name and have the application processed easier and faster. According to the Government agency standards, you must compress video, audio and image files before attaching them. After you submit the form, you will see the confirmation screen along with the name of the submitter and tracking number. You need this number for tracking your submission through

Step 6: Tracking

After you submit the application for personal free government grants, the will inform you twice over e-mail. The first notification will be that it has received it and the second is to notify you if it’s validated or rejected. If the grant is validated your grant agency will take it from here with the application. The third e-mail will be notification about the agency receiving the application and the fourth e-mail will assign you new tracking number for the application. You should receive the first two e-mails within 2 business days.

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