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Canadian Government Grants For Small Business

It’s wonderful when you are getting the support to make your dreams come true. Sometimes we just need a small capital to help us start the business that we have been planning for all our lives. I can remember that as a little girl I had dreamed of opening up a small business; and I worked hard to try to save up enough capital in order to start one. However, pressing family needs and my college education sucked me dry and what I was earning in my former job was just enough to get me and my family through to the next pay check.

That’s why when I heard of Canadian government grants for small business I didn’t double think to send in my application. I was really thankful for the Canadian government for entrusting to me their financial aid. It was not easy to get this grant that gave me a small capital to start my handicraft business. I was told that I was competing with thousands of applicants which I could imagine since not many of these grants existed. I spent many hours working and rewriting my proposals. I called friends from the research field who helped me make my study on how the handicraft business might turn out to be. I called my former teacher to look over my objectives and asked for help in making specific steps that I could clearly state so that I would not get lost in the process of starting this business; at the same time when you present clear objectives and steps towards attaining them the funding agency will most likely be attracted to your proposal because it shows that it was well written and thought of. Don’t forget that you must also get help in creating your feasibility study which will put a lot of weight in your proposal. It was my first time to write something to comprehensive; I can say that I spent more time working on it and grueling over it than any college paper I ever wrote. But when the stability of your family and your future is dependent on pages of paper, you will definitely find the inspiration you need to create it.

What I appreciate about Canadian government grants for small business is that you don’t need to repay them for the money that you receive. It is not like a loan wherein you have to pay back the investor. However, it is because I don’t need to pay them back that I truly focused on making every penny of their aid count.

Don’t lose hope if your proposal doesn’t get accepted. There are other grants available with different requirements and qualifications that you might be able to try out for. Just keep in mind that again there are so many others who are working hard for the grant. Research on the internet or ask the government’s office on what other grants are available for people who would like to start small businesses in Canada.

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