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Canadian Government Grants for Home Improvement

Canada residents can also apply for getting Canadian government grants for home improvement. As the title says, the financial help you will get from these funds need to be allocated into improving your home. There are several grant opportunities given by Canada government for you to apply. The thing is, you can’t apply directly to the Government, but you can use the federal agencies and non-profit organizations to do that. These organizations have all the information you need in order to see whether you are eligible for getting it or not. As you can see, the Canadian government grants for home improvement are here and the only thing you need to do is to get informed.

The amount you will get depends on your living zone. You will find many grant opportunities which are only available for low-income communities and those who are located into the rural areas. We will give you few Canadian government grants for home improvement which are available near you.

Federal Government Grants

Information about all available home improvement grants can be found through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. You can visit their official website and search for information on provincial and federal house improvements grants. If this doesn’t worked for you, go to your local library and seek for Canadian government grants for home improvement information. Several grants can be available for you only if you meet few requirements or complete them before sending the application. Either way, you must check which grant best suits you and covers your financial need.

Grants for Homeowners

Homeowners are not forgotten by the Government of Canada. There is special program for this community called Emergency Repair Program. You already know that this program is administered by the federal government. This program provides grants which are available for those who are living in rural areas. The funds received from this grant need to be used for repairing the home for well-being and safety of the low-income families’ home. Some of the repairs can include fire safety issues, plumbing, electrical and heating, structural, etc. The range of the funds depends on the zones from where a homeowner is applying from and there is no need of money return. You can find these zones on the official website of the Canadian government.

Grants for Seniors

Just like the program for homeowners, the federal government has a grant program for seniors. This program is called Home Adaptations for Seniors’ Independence. This program provides Canadian government grants for home improvement for seniors who are 65 or older and senior properties landlords. The grant can reach up to $3,500 and it doesn’t require to be paid back. The available funds can be used for repairing the home of the landlord if the senior lived there for at least 6 months. For the landlord, the loan doesn’t need to be returned if he agrees to not raise the rent. This program has been designed to give an opportunity to all seniors to live independently and safely in their homes.

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