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Canadian Government Grants for Single Mothers

Single mothers find themselves in front of big financial problems after having a child and being all alone. Canadian Government grants have been made exactly for those single mothers who have difficulties in raising their child on their own. It is hard because they have only one salary in the home, but so many expenses. And, that one salary does not provide enough finances for every need that the child can have. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the one helping single mothers with their financial needs through grants.

We know that the roe of a single mother is not easy at all. This role expects many sacrifices from you, even your future. But, with these grants you won’t be obligated to do that. The Canadian Government grant will help you pay your bills on time, buy the home you have wanted forever or go back to school and get your diploma. This is the way to avoid leading a miserable and hard life.

There is a Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB) but for a woman to receive this benefit, she must fulfill some requirements. She must be a resident of Canada and the only care-giver for the child. He annual income must be over $3 000. Every woman that fulfills these requirements is eligible to receive a benefit of $1 000. If the woman earns more than $14 500 in one yea, than the amount of the benefit will be smaller, around 15 % of her annual income.

For the single mothers who cannot succeed in raising children under the age of 18 and have financial difficulties in it can receive the CRA’s Canada Child Tax Benefit. This benefit includes the National Child Benefit Supplement and the Child Disability Benefit.

This NCBS is formed as an addition to CCTB in 1998. It promotes children’s involvement into working and helping the family and creating better conditions than those that they live in. This way the whole family benefits and they can get out of the poverty that surrounds them.

The CA also helps unemployed single mothers with the Family Supplement. This Family Supplement is made for single mothers who already are receiving Employment Insurance (EI) and their children are receiving CCTB. The amount of the financial helps depends on the quantity of the parent’s salary and on the quantity of children in that family.

Although many of the single mothers are not yet aware of the huge amount of possibilities, they are eligible for many different grants. The first step you should do is contact your government office or YMCA. They will give you information on the grants that are available for you at that moment.

Doing a little research on your own is a good idea too. There are many databases that offer usefull and real information about everything.

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