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Do you Qualify for US Government Grants

Every day we read about Government grants in ads in the magazines, on TV and on the Internet. But, we have to know that we can’ believe everything we see. The ads claim that millions of dollars are available for people like you. When you get interested in it, you have to do a little researching. You have to find out whether you are eligible for some type of US government grant or no. Also, if the grant you wish to apply for is available for individuals or just for organizations and companies.

Some of the categories of companies and organizations which can be eligible for an US government grants are the following:

Government Organizations

–          Special District Governments

–          State Governments

–          City or Township Governments

–          Local Governments

–          Native American Tribal Governments

Education Organizations

–          Public and State Controlled Institutions of Higher Education

–          Independent School Districts

–          Private Institutions of Higher Education

Public Housing Organizations

–          Public Housing Authorities and

–          Indian Housing Authorities

Non-Profit Organizations

–          Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS and also Nonprofits that do not have a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS

Profit organizations come here too as part of the list.

US government grants for improving a small business are given only to companies which meet some conditions and qualifications that are set up by the Government. These conditions and qualifications are as follows:

–          500 employees for most manufacturing and mining industries

–          100 employees for all wholesale trade industries

–          $0.75 million for most agricultural industries

–          $6 million for most retail and service industries

–          $12 million for all special trade contractors

–          $28.5 million for most general & heavy construction industries

But, there are many companies which don’t meet this numbers. They have different number of employees and different numbers for profits. Many of them have from 100 do 1500 employees.

When individuals apply for grants they sig the application forms as individuals and not as organizations, companies or corporations. They alone have to fulfill all the requirements asked from them. That is why individuals can not apply for grants which are planned to be for organizations and companies.

The place where you can find all the information needed for applying is This is a web site managed by the Department of Health and Human Services and gives you information on everything, from finding out whether you are eligible for a grant or not, to documents you need to have and things you have to do and application forms and the whole process.

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