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Education is very important not only to a person but it is also important because of the impact in society as a whole. When an individual is educated there is a larger possibility that the community he lives in will be able to develop and thrive. If all the children attended school and were off the streets, there would be fewer scenarios of children being forced into vulnerable situations and the percentage of children in conflict with the law will go down. A child who decides to go to school may learn to develop a higher self-esteem and be a willing productive and contributing member to society.

Education should be free for all; at least that is the overall goal of the government. However, while this can be said, unfortunately not all the children are being reached and do not have the opportunities to go to school. Even if they did, the federal education funding state is sometimes low on budget and teachers and schools are left with very little resources in order to prepare students the best way they can. Schools with limited funding struggle to provide quality education for the children entrusted to them by the community. This leads to the nation’s problem with more children being illiterate and schools being treated more as a day care center for children to be watched over than a learning institution.

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) has been pleading with Congress to make some changes in the way the budget or funding for the states is being distributed. They are requesting that Uncle Sam give more money to two programs which have the biggest need. There is the Title I grants which goes in line with the No Child Left Behind Act which are for disadvantaged children. The second one that they are requesting for an increase in budget is the IDEA grants. IDEA stands for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This is a federal program which will help schools get access to resources in order to teach their students with special needs basics such as math, science, and more. This also covers other needs such as counseling and therapy.

You can join the support with NSBA in advocating for more of the funding to be distributed to these two federal programs so that more children will be reached and there will be a better delivery of service when it comes to the education of the future leaders of tomorrow. It has been a long time since the Congress has given funding to this which has forced the local governments to direct other money from different programs to pay for some of these necessities. The prices in society and needs are rising rapidly and the local governments cannot cope with all the needs of the whole state if it continues to shuffle money or being dependent on other sources to take care of the education of the children.

To learn more and take part in the advocacy of government grants, visit your public school today to inquire on how you can help be a voice.


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