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Federal Government Grants For Non-Profit Organization

The main reason why the government put up a program like government grants is to assist a lot of people with various necessities. One of these is the federal government grants for non-profit org. It allows these groups of people to gain funds for specific purposes that can be beneficial on both society and government. In the beginning of this program, the government focuses on providing funds for non-profitable institutions to finance their necessities within their org. They can make use of these funds for business or any research based programs that can be very helpful for everyone.

There is a variety of federal government agencies that can assist you with regards on financial assistance for your non-profit institution. It is the simplest way on how the government can allocate these funds for public programs instead of being utilized by authorities within the government. There are five categories where federal government falls under. In some countries, these categories of federal grants may not be all present while other nations actually do.


1. Project Based – This type of federal government grant is being allocated for particular programs and projects and if you think you really qualify for this type of grant, you have to expect that there will be a tight competition between you and other applicants. As much as possible, apply as early as you could so your chances. The types of project that this grant category can be allocated are research, healthcare and social services as well as technological development or advancement.

2. Formula Based – This government grants is very distinct among other grants in United States. This type of grant contains pre-specified formula or computation of class under the legislation that is responsible for the formation of that precise federal funding program. The computation serves as the system that can give the approximate amount to be given to various recipients that can aid them to fulfill their proposed projects to the government. Of course, they must be eligible first before they apply for this grant.

3. Category Based – This type of federal grant program is applicable for non-profitable institutions who submitted a very constricted and defined program proposal. To get this type of award, he must have his own investment for the project that is the total assistance predefined percentage that can be authorized to that person.

4. Group/Block Based – This kind of federal grant refers to the assistance program of the government that merges a variety of based grants category.

5. Earmarked Based – This category of federal grant seems to have plenty of controversies with regards on the allocation process. The distribution doesn’t have to be so tight because there is an unspecified way on how this type of grant is being dispensed to non-profitable organizations.

The first federal government grants started in United States after they gained their independence from the empire that conquers their country, British Empire. There are also availability of federal government grants in Canada, Belgium, Brazil and Australia that everyone can simply have. The process for obtaining government grants may not be too easy. But, if you will spend quite some times and be patient enough to wait for the result of the application, you might have the most fruitful product after the processing period. Do avoid wasting your time; make sure that you really qualify for any federal grants that are being offered within your area. It is best to visit the nearest government agencies in your place to personally inquire about the availability of financial assistance of the government that can help your business or any projects. Don’t stress yourself too much thinking where to get free funds for your projects. The government is always ready to extend their assistance for everyone.


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