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Federal Grants for Mental Health

The US Government offers huge financial help every year in the form of grants for mental health. These grants can be found in many federal agencies and non-profit organizations which are in direct collaboration with the Government. These agencies and organizations are used as better spreading the grants for mental health to those who need them the most. Mental illness is something that occurs really often. The latest reports of the National Institutes for Mental Health weren’t good. These federal grants for mental health can help a community receive the proper treatment even if they can’t afford it.

We are going to show you where to find these grant opportunities for mental health.

Emergency Services and Disaster Assistance

These offers by the Government are helping those areas and communities that suffered major disasters. The Department of Health and Human Services and administration services are the official providers for these grants. All non-profit organizations and agencies can apply for this financial aid in order to be able to provide help for those who were affected. These funds are used for consulting expenses, training, travel and covering the costs of construction. All those who are interested for applying can visit the official grant website and check all information about eligibility and how to apply.

Campus Suicide Prevention Grants

People with mental disorder very often want to perform a suicide. This grant opportunity given from the government through this campus offers many prevention programs to colleges and universities. The funds are used for covering the costs of the projects. These projects need creating counseling centers on the campus, psychological training clinics and service centers. Those schools interested in these grants for mental health given by the Government can check for more information on

Community Block Grants

In order to help those communities that suffer of mental health disorders, the agencies need to create proper treatment systems in the local area. This requires lots of financial coverage and the Government is here to help. The community block grants are giving the proper financial assistance to all organizations and state agencies for implementing these systems. This results with many projects and programs that are giving comprehensive service to all children and adults who are suffering with mental disorders. All those who are interested for receiving these grants for mental health can check for eligibility and more information on

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration

Through this administration, the US Government offers many grant opportunities that will give the proper financial help for developing treatment services. These services are located in the local communities that suffer from mental diseases. All local and state agencies can apply for this grant opportunity. Private and non-profit organizations can also apply for it, but they need to check which grants for mental health they can apply to. These grants target families and individuals who suffer from mental health disorders. Children who have been exposed to violence are covered with these grants. All those interested can apply through The financial help can reach $15 million depending on the project.

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