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Get federal grants school information online. While there are plenty of different kinds of school grants, the federal Stafford loan is one of the most popular. This is open to anyone wishing to enroll in a college degree program without spending money for tuition fees and other college expenses. Through the federal Stafford loan, a student can finish his or her desired studies without worrying much about the cash needed. If you are one of those prospective grantees, you need to know a few factors related to this particular government offer. These factors will offer you a good guide in obtaining this incredible financial assistance.

Two of the basic requirements to get a Stafford loan include your being a US citizen and completion of at least a semester in any of the accredited educational institutions. Contact the government office assigned to handle the Stafford loan application and ask some alternative requirements in case you can’t meet any of the two mentioned. The agency may have established some considerations that will somehow accept you to get a loan even without satisfying one of the stated basic requirements. You must as well find out about the status of other federal loans. In case you can’t make it for the Stafford loan, you can rely on some other types of federal funding wherein you are qualified to apply. It is always better to be prepared with essential back-ups in order to save time and effort.

Creating a mock FAFSA can be critical. The FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid can be downloaded online. Print a copy and fill it out. By writing all the information required in the application form, you’ll at the same time discover supporting documents that must be submitted together with the form. Some of these documents can be bank statements, tax records, and information about your assets. While filling out the form, you have to pay attention to the instructions. Following instructions give you big points in your application. Agencies are very comprehensive when it comes to assessing how well you have completed the FAFSA form. If you get everything right, the agency will think of you as someone who is also good at following guidelines or rules attached to the agreement, which will be constructed when you get accepted for the Stafford loan.

Money given under government grants differs in the amount. If you are a dependent undergraduate student, the maximum loan you will receive will be $5,500. For independent undergraduates, the amount can reach as high as $9,500. Graduate and professional students, on the other hand, get $20,500. Basically, the agency will assess your status and see how much you really need to continue your education. They will interview applicants and perform other activities, which will help them figure out your true condition. Aside from the interview, applicants may be asked to take an exam. Agencies would also like to know the applicant’s academic abilities before they make final decisions. In most cases, they favor candidates, who can display good academic and initiative skills.


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