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Federal Public Housing Assistance

Are you from a low income generating family? Do you have many dependents under your care that it is difficult for you to keep up with your expenses and just waiting from paycheck to paycheck? Do you find yourself getting weary from too much but seem to have no choice or support to get from outside help so that you can ensure your family’s future?

If this is the scenario that you find yourself in, you can apply for federal public housing assistance. There yourself. With this financial aid, you can even own your very own house. This is available through the government’s first time home buyers grant. You wouldn’t need to worry about catching up financially to pay your monthly rent and you could invest in something that you will be able to leave to your children in the future. How does this work?

The first criterion to be eligible for this kind of grant of course is to be a first time home buyer. The HUD defines this as someone who has not owned a house or had to pay a house interest in the last three years. A check will be done to make sure of this. If you pass this requirement, the hard part is already over because even if you had a history of a bad credit line, you will still be eligible to receive this kind of government grants. As stated earlier, this kind of grant targets families which earn a low income. To say that you have a low income, a check will be done on how much you earn a year, how many dependents you have, and how much is the property that you are hoping to buy.

It seems pretty easy for you to be able to apply for this kind of housing assistance from the government. You will just need to fill out an application and submit the requirements asked for. However, just because you meet all of the qualifications stated above doesn’t mean that you will be able to get it. Take a mental note that you will need to check your state if this housing assistance is available because as of now, not every state is able to give this kind of benefit to its constituents. In addition, there are many others applying for this kind of grant, so your application would have to compete with theirs.

There are also grounds of disqualification as well which you can do a self check. If you fall in any of these categories, your application will be rejected. If you have not been able to give your child support this is a ground for disqualification as long with not being able to meet the minimum income required for you to be considered from a low income family and having gone through a prior foreclosure. Additional grounds exist for you to be disqualified. If you have any questions about your qualification for this housing assistance, you can inquire at the office in your state.


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