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What Does ‘Free’ in Free US Government Grants Actually Mean

Yes, the US government enables people to apply for getting help through completely free US government grants. The use of the funds can be assigned to low-income people in order to help them with their housing, disease fight and everything that you can think of. This funding is only available to certain institutions like county or city governments, schools, charity agencies and other categories approved by the Government. These funds are not available to individuals. You can search for these free US government grants on the Internet.

Through the official website, you can find them using the various search parameters. There are many agencies which collaborate with the Government in order to allocate the grants to the people who need them the most. Some of the most known agencies are Department of Energy, Agency for International Development, Department of Housing and Urban Development etc. The truth is, grants coming from the Government don’t have to be paid back and that’s why they are called free government grants. Here is the list of some completely free US government grants opportunities for which you can apply through the agencies.



  1. Transportation
  2. Recovery Act
  3. Regional Development
  4. Natural Resources
  5. Information and Statistics
  6. Legal Services, Law and Justice
  7. Housing
  8. Humanities
  9. Consumer Protection

10. Community Development

11. Education


12. Energy

13. Food and Nutrition

14. Environment

15. Health

16. Disaster Prevention and relief

17. Arts

18. Agriculture

19. Employment, Labor and Training

20. Income Security and Social Services

21. Research and Development

22. Science and Technology


The most popular use of these grants by the Government is to fund education. These funds are accessed by those who want to get through education but don’t have the financial opportunity. These grants are often confused with loans or scholarships, but they are just a part of the free US government grants.

Here is a list of agencies who will give you the benefits of applying for free US government grants. On their official websites, you will find the proper information about how to apply and what these grants cover. You can also find all opened grants at the moment.

  1. Department of:

a)    Labor

b)    Agriculture

c)    Defense

d)    Commerce

e)    Energy

f)     Education

g)    Health and Human Services

h)   Housing and Urban Development

i)     Homeland Security

j)      Justice

  1. Small Business Administration
  2. National Science Foundation

You don’t need to confuse the grants with the word “free”. Even the definition of the word “grant” means that the US government already gives it for free. According to all dictionaries grant means that something has been granted. These free US government grants are awarded to the agencies who are delivering some kind of a service, research, program or product.

This report is made to show you that every grant you’ll find on the Internet is a part of the list free US government grants.

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