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Free Government Grants No Fees

Free government grants no fees is sometimes what we see advertised on the papers or heard from someone else. Some of you may have even received a phone call from a government agency stating that you were chosen to be a recipient for a government grant. Whether you applied for a grant to start a business, to pay for college tuition, medical bills, and the like, it would always be welcomed news. However, things get a little bit weird when the other person on the line asks for your bank account number and other vital information. To add to that, they might have also informed you that in order to claim your grant, you must deposit a certain amount first. Beware of scams! There is no such thing as free money.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns us to be careful of scams. There are many scam artists dressing up and sounding like a person of authority to discuss your application or inform you that you’ve been chosen. Unfortunately, there are individuals who do fall into the scam artists’ trap.


FTC provides some basic guidelines that you can follow in order to check whether the person you’re meeting or talking to on the line is scamming you or not. First of all, don’t give out information of your bank account. Sharing this information and details regarding your account is one of the ways that they’ll be able to steal from you. It is also important that you must remember that free money from the government will not ask you to make an initial deposit or the like. Free money from the real government is really for free.

FTC also warns to look out for people who say that they are working for the Federal Grants Administration. Truth be told, this office does not exist. One way that you can check if an office is real or not is to check your telephone directory. Sad to say, technology is also a means for people to abuse others. You might receive a phone call with an area code that goes back to the Capital; however, people can use the internet to change the area code that comes up on your caller ID.

To be on the offensive side, you can also keep the number of FTC so that you can inform them right away if you suspect that you have been victimized by a scam artist.

The economy has turned gloomy over the last years. So to hear news that you’ve been chosen to receive free money is definitely exciting. But as a precaution, remember to look for signs that the person informing you may be a scam artist and most importantly, never give out details and information about yourself to someone you don’t know and trust. It would definitely hurt more to lose more money in this situation just because you were pulled to believe a scam.

Remember that when the government will give you money, it’s really for free with no additional fees in order to claim it.


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