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Each year, the necessity for nurses increases in United States. That’s why more and more students are doing their best to take up nursing course to have better employment in future in the field of medicine. On the contrary, amidst of the high demand with this course, it seems that nursing course still remains a piteously under signified profession. Even though a lot of students want to take advantage such course, they can’t still afford to finance the expenses that they have to pay as they study. A big number of nurses are needed in the whole country especially those hospitals and medical establishments in an underserved areas all across the country.

To end this problem, the government provided a program that can aid a lot of individuals and students to fulfill their dreams and to earn a baccalaureate degree. There has been a variety of government grants that anyone can take advantage. If you want to be a nurse in future and want to enter the medical world, there are free government grants nursing school that can you apply for. This type of grant is provided for those people who can’t afford to pay the expenditures of a nursing course. We all know that taking this course is quite expensive but there are so many opportunities that you’ll surely have the best career ever. Administration of Health Resources & Services or HRSA division, together with the United States’ Health Department & Human Resources supports qualified students for this type of grant for nursing students.

Disadvantaged Student Scholarship: This grant category is funded by the state government that can finance students with disability who wanted to take nursing course. Some students may enroll for fulltime program for health sciences. Here are some of the qualified programs in different fields under this type of grant program:

• Program for Dental hygiene

• Social work

• Professional therapy

• Veterinary school

Each applicant is advised to directly submit their application to the school they want to study and they can go to the school’s office of financial aid. The school will be the one to distribute the award funds for those qualified and selected students depending on their necessities as what they’ve written on their application form.

Each state is funded by the US government. Based on ANA or Association of American Nurses, the government pushes each state government to refurbish the deteriorating nursing career. Efforts are taking place to address various issues that hinder individuals to pursue this type of career. What are the issues why the whole country is struggling for a better nursing career? Here are the factors why the country fails to have quality assistance for applicants of nursing grants that the government wants to take control to improve nursing assistance for many students:

• Deficiency with the number of staff at recognized nursing schools to manage the grant applicants

• Lack of resources for facilities, program fund and equipments

• Lack of well-trained and experienced nurses in under signified health care regions

• Lack of incentive or funds for students who graduated from high school that also comprises nursing

At present times, the government was able to establish a more dynamic state-funded award program to support the education for taking up a nursing course. There are states like Florida and North Carolina that was able to ramp up in terms of providing funds for nursing education. At present times, they are still giving funds for those who want to apply for this type of award. Here are the 4 state universities in Florida that awards HRSA grants for Nursing Advanced Education:

• Miami University

• Florida University – Gainesville

• University of Florida Atlantic

• South Florida University

Government grants can answer your problem with your education. All you have to do is to give time for the application process, exert your effort and be patient enough as you wait for the approval of your grant fund.

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