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There are many television commercials and websites that talk about government grants and how to obtain them. In these tough economic times average people are looking for funding for such things as starting new businesses, purchasing homes and obtaining higher educations. The money is available from the federal government of the United States in the form of government grants for all these things and even more. One just has to know where to look and how to apply to get the money. As a general rule government grants don’t ever have to be repaid. For example, the federal Pell grant for college. If you qualify to obtain this college grant as long as you meet the requirements of the Pell grant program you will never be required to pay it back. You must first qualify by meeting certain income requirements. In other words it depends on how much money you or your family have made in the past. Then after that as long as your in college and meeting the minimum grade point average for the Pell program you will continue to get money for help in funding your education all the time that you attend. The federal Pell grant has helped millions of college students obtain their educations. The Pell grant funding has come under some heavy scrutiny as the current budget slashing has been going on by law makers in Washington D.C. However as of writing this the Pell grant system has remained funded without many changes. So, that is good news if your wanting to try and get a Pell grant this year. Why aren’t a lot more people obtaining government grants? Well, that is a really good question. There is only one reason and that is because they are not readily told about the many different programs that are available.If the majority of the population does not know about grant funding then they won’t try and even find out if they qualify for any of the programs. Federal grants are usually given to big organizations, state or local governments.


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