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Government Grant Scams

I am writing this article to inform people about government grant scams.  Today my email inbox was full of questions regarding a scam that certain people are running regarding government grants.   Here are the quotes of the emails that I got.  “I have been contacted by a company with your name stating if I pay a 200 dollar processing fee they will give me 7000 dollars. Is this true?”  Firstly, this is a scam and it should be avoided at all costs. No one associated with this website is contacting anyone regarding getting government grants. Let alone charging people a fee to get one. If someone wants you to give them money to obtain grant money then be very careful. Don’t do it folks they are just trying to get your money.   Here is what a second person had to say about a similar thing: “I have just been offered a us government grant for $7000 with no obligation to pay back, free and clear and then I was informed that to claim this grant, I must pay a one-time processing fee of $130. I guess this means the money isn’t really free. My question is: How can you prove to me that this is not a scam??? Please, with all due respect between fellow human beings, give an honest answer and helpful information.”  Well, in response to this person, “I can’t prove it is not a scam, it probably is..” My advise to you is to contact the better business bureau in your area about the company in question and see what can be found out.  Never, Never, give anyone a thing, meaning money for helping you get a grant.  Now, if you want to take grant writing courses or something like that, then that is different. Be very careful folks there are many dishonest out there looking to rip other people off.   I just want to make something very clear, This website is not associated with anyone trying to get fees from people to help you get government grants of any kind.  Stay away from things like that and do your best to investigate such things…  At the bottom of this article I have included some references to also help you further study the situation..

Other references that you might find useful that can also help you keep away from government grant scams:




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