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Government Grants in Canada for Musicians

Musicians in Canada have difficulties in raising money for albums, tours and concerts. There are Government grants in Canada which are only for musicians. Plenty of municipal and national organizations provide funds for musicians.

There are many helpful resources that help artists and musicians to write a good proposal, and also many different types of programs. In Alberta there’s the Arts Branch which helps musicians and artists with organizing workshops and consultations in order to provide information. Another organization that makes workshops is the Calgary Arts Development. They have a mailing list and that’s how they announce their workshops and other events. FACTOR is an organization which creates online seminars, provides information about applying online for the grants for musicians and also explains the process of submission. Other topics are covered too. You can find more information on Alberta Music Industry Association is another organization which works to help music professionals in their career. There are a few events through the year and also weekly newsletters for all the members of the association.

There is information that from six eligible candidates for a music grant, one always gets a grant. Thee are many examples of people who have applied several years in row without any success before getting one finally.

If you’re planning to start up some new project with the help of the grant money, don’t start anything before you know for sure that you’ll get the money.

Useful tips for a successful applying can be to always look out for deadlines and be aware of them, to have a good plan for your project which is reasonably budgeted, define a clear and reasonable scope, make sure your plan is understandable and show your talent in the best way possible.

Whoever came with the idea of creating music funds which will help musicians in Canada did a great job. It is great to have financial support when you most need it. It is a good thing if you are a beginner too. You can use the financial help for anything, to buy what you need, to start the label, to find a studio, anything you can think of.

This is a good thing for new artists too. There may be so many good musicians with lots of talents but because of little financial support, they are not able to show their talent to the world. But, with these government grants in Canada, it is way more easier for them to find the finances they need in order to start with what they like the most – music.


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