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Government Grants For College Books

Tuition fees are not the only expenses of a college student. He also needs to buy materials for his education like books. Even if we are already in the world of technology, we still need books because it can provide much reliable information and can aid students with the improvement of their reading ability. Books can also aid us to improve our understanding and comprehension with various topics. But like other basic necessities for every day, books also increase its price and not all students can have enough money to buy these. There are schools that produces their own books such as activity books and make as their student’s requirement as part of their grade. What if they can’t afford to pay college books? Are there any way where they can find financial help for buying books?  Based on the office of the Government Accountability, a freshman spends over $898.00 for books expenditures for a four-year course. It only means that 26% of their tuition fees are allotted for purchasing books. Imagine how expensive it is to provide funds for your textbooks? In post-secondary schools found out that their biggest concern is where they can get enough funds for buying books. Based on a survey conducted by last August 2005, more than 50% of the 1000 surveyed people stated that most of their allowances are being allocated for purchasing books. Even their savings are being utilized just to buy these textbooks that they will use for their college education. Most of the students opted to drop some of their subjects or totally drop from all of their classes because they can only buy one out of six books the being required for them.

Even if many students faced a lot of dilemmas in their studies, there are still institutions together with the government that provide funds to help students buy their books. Below are some of resources of funds that can be utilized for buying books:

America Scholarship of College Bookstore – Anyone can apply for this type of financial
assistance. Those students who were not eligible for other financial aid are prioritized. However, there are only 5 scholarships that are given each year with $200 per student. Part- time or full-time students may also apply for this opportunity provided that their General Point Average or GPA is at least 2.5.

Scholarship Program of Helping Hands Book – This program provide funds ranges from $100 up to $1,000 for one time awards for the first 50 eligible applicants for the award funds. The funds are being awarded to universities, colleges, vocational, technical as well as graduate students. Those students who are still in their high school years but have planned to attend college after graduating can also apply for this free opportunity provided you are older than 16 years old. Students must be currently enrolled in a university or college when they started applying for this program. When your application gets approved, your cheque will be sent to your house and you may enjoy this privilege and buy the books that you really need.

Book Scholarship of Passage Institute – This is open for citizens and undergrad students who are African-American. The general point average must not lower the 3.0 in order to qualify for this program. They also provide five scholarships annually and the amount that they can take advantage is $1,000. If they will enroll during spring and fall semester, the initial amount they can get is $500.

Book Scholarship by Carl A. Scott – The Social Work Education Council or CSWE is providing two scholarships for eligible students and can receive $500. It can be applicable for those students who are already on their last year on any accredited Master Degree or Bachelor’s degree of CSWE. People who belong to a minority groups are welcome to take advantage this award program.

These are just few among the available grants for many individuals so start applying for these opportunities because there are only few slots that they provide annually.

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