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Government Grants for Education: Hispanic Grants

As the Hispanic population in the United States steadily grows, the minority Hispanic grants to provide assistance to Hispanic individuals have also increased. Minority Hispanic grants are presently available for tuition assistance and to assist in obtaining housing. The majority of minority Hispanic grants that are presently available are available in the category of education. Below is an overview of the current minority Hispanic grants that are available and we have included several tips to assist one in completing these applications.


The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities provides minority Hispanic grants ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 for Hispanic students that are attending or plan to attend colleges or universities that are members of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. For more information visit: Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

The Gates Millennium Scholarship Fund, established by Bill and Melinda Gates, makes awards of minority Hispanic grants to Hispanic students that display academic excellence and display financial need. Awards are typically made for undergraduate students; however, students that receive an undergraduate award may be eligible for an additional minority Hispanic education grant to pursue a higher degree. For additional information on the Gates Millennium Scholarship Fund visit:

A number of private organizations and foundations also provide minority Hispanic grants that are industry-education specific. For example, the National Hispanic Nursing Association provides scholarships and grant awards ranging from $1000 to $5000 to qualified Hispanic students. For more information on the National Hispanic Nursing Association visit: Additionally, another great source for locating information on private foundations that offer support of minority Hispanic grants lies in the review of these institutions’ 990 Tax Forms. Foundation Center offers a free database to access these tax forms.Foundation Center


  • As you complete your letters or applications, ensure that you fulfill all of the requests stated in the announcements to increase your chances of obtaining a minority Hispanic grant
  • Adhere to all published deadlines
  • Make sure that you are consistent and organized in all documents
  • Review and edit your application or letter prior to submission
  • Consider having a professional grant writer review your letters of inquiry or applications for a minority Hispanic grant prior to submission
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