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Government Grants For School Teachers

Teachers’ salaries may not be enough for their family needs. This is the main reason why there are teachers who are doing sidelines in order to have additional resources of money for their budget. There are also school teacher who are getting into small business like selling beauty products or taking care hogs or chickens to be sold. There are some teachers that would look for a second job just to gain enough money for the needs of herself and her offspring. Teaching is the noblest profession and teachers want to impart knowledge and touch their student’s lives. In some countries, their government fails to provide financial assistance for teachers. This is the reason why many educators are would rather go abroad thinking that they can have a better employment on the country they will go to.  In United States, there are free financial assistances that can help a lot of school teachers with their daily expenses. In fact, there are free funds allocated specifically for them so they can achieve a more comfortable life. Teachers are the ones who are responsible for molding student’s mind, attitude and characteristics. Without them, there will be no professional engineer, architect, doctor and nurses. The government did see the importance of teachers to have a better society. In fact, they are the ones who need to live a moral life. That’s why the government provides government grants for school teachers. These funds can be use for their needs. It can be for transportation, school supplies, clothing and foods. There are various ways on how teachers and future educators can take advantage these grant opportunities.  The application can be done through visiting the nearest government agency that distributes the funds or you may also inquire it through universities and colleges.

You can also apply and file your application online. Other eligibilities may vary depending on the area where you are teaching. Most of the funds are allocated for those who are teaching in rural or suburbanized areas. In areas where there are only few educators, most of the government grants funds are being provided. The government is doing this to fill the remaining slots with the deficiency in teaching staffs. There are various sites where you can get the most accurate information about government grants allotted for teachers. There are certain standards that need to be followed to become eligible for it. It could depend on the subject that they are teaching. There are grants categories which require the number of yrs in service of teaching of a teacher.

TEACH or the Assistance for Teachers of Higher and College Education grants in one of the most helpful grant that teachers can take advantage with. It was constructed in year 2007 in the Congress that allocate funds with an utmost amount of $4000 annually for those education students who are planning to educate low-income learners in an area where there are only few teachers are working. Who can be qualified for this grant program? Those students who are undergrad, graduate, under post-baccalaureate degree, current teachers and retirees can be eligible for this program. The requirements that need to be complied with to receive the award funds are: a) currently taking or planning to take education course, b) federal student aid eligible, and c) must meet the set GPA or 75th percentile on a part of the admission test.

Students who would opt to receive a Full-time award, he can receive a maximum of $4,000 annually, for post baccalaureate and undergrad; they receive as much as $16,000 and for graduate study, they can have $8,000 as the maximum amount annually. All you need to do to start your application is to fill out your FAFSA, take the sign an agreement, initial counseling, enroll to any participating institution that provide TEACH program and finally, complete the necessary documents and start your career in teaching for the field of high need educator. Here are the fields that need more instructors:

Reading Specialist
Foreign Language
Acquisition of English Language and Bilingual Education
SPED or Special Education

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