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Government Grants For Schools UK

Based on the latest studies about the available government grants for schools UK, there have been £18.6 million funds provided by the government allotted for many schools in United Kingdom to provide quality education for everyone. These funds are being distributed into academic institutions to directly provide financial assistance for many students who can’t afford the expenses of college education. There are some union leaders who found out that providing additional grant funds for this project is just a waste of money but according to Education department, the funds will be used properly for the betterment of education and for better opportunities in future.  The Government Labor under Tony Blair’s management instigated this award program wherein their primary motivation is to uplift the lives of those families under the low earning households of the country. The Education Department Secretary Michael Gove, triggered this proposal which allows schools to apply for an academy status. Academies are not totally independent because they are still run through the aid of the state government. These academies can directly make their decisions freely and can access their funds directly. It will be based on the annual curriculum, staff members’ salaries, as well as employment terms. The local authorities should not intrude these decisions and direct access of funds of these academies because they don’t have the right to such thing.  For those schools that would opt to convert, you can certainly take advantage ‘Grant for Conversion Support’. You have to fill up an application form and when you submitted all the necessary requirements as well as pass the verification process, you can receive as much as £25,000 that can aid your school’s administration to pay all possible legal expenditures. Change that you can make could be changed on the school’s status.

Based on the study, there has been £18,642,779 distributed as free financial assistance through the aid of the government for United Kingdom’s schools to be converted into academies. This information was based on Lisa Nandy, Wigan Labour MP. The government is surely anticipating that you can utilize the award funds properly and that can make your more available schools. Some schools are waiting to have some additional increase for the conversion support grant. On 1st of October, 2011, Gibb also include the statistics on his response the figure of schools that were already converted is already 1,031. There are still pending applications with the total number of 495.

The total amount that was provided for those already converted school is already £18,000 in form of money grant. Ms. Nandy sees that the amount that was allocated for conversion grants is a waste of money. It could be more helpful if the funds are being distributed on both schools and students to both gain the benefits of the award funds. She also asked where the huge amount of funds come from though they are always reporting that there is a shortage with funds for schools in UK. Christine Bowler, General Secretary NUT (Teacher’s National Union) supported Nandy with her opinion stating that taxpayer’s funds are just being wasted to be lent on school conversion where there is a shortage of funds for other education projects. DfE Spokesman contradicted Bowler and Nandy’s opinions and stated that the funds are very important for legal fees, necessary consultation as well as for purchasing the latest stationery stuffs for the conversion of schools into academy.

Even though there are issues like these, you may still take advantage award funds that can be helpful to you to assist you with your education. There are availability of government grants in UK but you have to be the one to found out the availability of it. Make sure that you will utilize the award funds properly just to be fair enough with other grant applicants who weren’t able to receive these opportunities from UK government.

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