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Government Grants For Single Mothers UK

No woman ever dreams to become a single mother. As much as possible, they are dreaming of a complete family comprises of a mother, father and offspring. However, there are still relationships that do not work out. It is sad to say that a lot of married couples are ending up with divorce. But what if they already have their children? If their kids are still young, the custody is usually given to mothers. But, to raise your children all alone can be disheartening task to do. As a mother, you are responsible to take care of your children and do the household chores every day. Since you don’t have anyone else to rely with, you have to work to provide the basic needs of your children. Do you think your salary will be enough for your necessities since the prices of products that we commonly buy every day increases?  In United Kingdom, there are financial supports that single mothers can rely with. Government grants for single mothers UK are the assistance that single moms can take advantage. Under these programs, there is a variety of options that you can choose from that will best suit to your dilemmas. Grants were made to provide the necessities of single moms of different cases. Below are examples of available government grants for single mothers in United Kingdom.  Grants for Family Action Education – The award funds are being allocated by the Family Action. Those who can be eligible for this type of grant program can be a refugee, born British citizens as well as African born citizens who immigrated in UK. This type of government program is being provided for those single parents that only earn less than their basic needs. Your income is the primary requirement to become eligible for this program. It doesn’t matter what your age is. You are required to be enrolled in accredited state university or college and must take the course that is required by the grant program. Most of the fields where funds are being allocated for are computer and medical related fields so you have to take courses related on those fields. Annually, the amount of funds that you can get ranges from £200 – £300 pounds.

Education Horizon Fund – It is financed by Barclaycard. This award funds are allocated for sole parents who have low-income and must obtain the copy of Working Tax or Child Tax credit at the time you filed for your tax of your income. You can be qualified if you have applied already for constitutional funding in your school. Funds for Access to Learning and Funds for Learner Support are examples of statutory funding. You may not be able to obtain this assistance if you already applied for basic skill classes, and studying abroad. This grant program is already available all across the country. Like the first grant opportunity that was already mentioned, there’s no age limitation as well for the award funds. Grantees can receive as much as £500 to a max of £1500 pounds. You can apply for it anytime you want because it is available all through the year.

Funds for Social Work Mid-Yorkshire – This award program is for those single mothers rearing their child or children who face a big dilemma with the source of financial needs. To be qualified, you need to be enrolled in West and/or North Yorkshire and registered in a registered course with GSCC (Council for General Social Care). You are also required to be enrolled with one of the accredited university or college like Bradford University. You will be asked to present a letter of recommendation from the program director, mentor or personal tutor that will serve as proof that you are currently enrolled in any accredited university or college for this type of government grant. There’s no specified deadline but if there are still funds, they will continue to entertain applicants for this government grant. The length of time that a single mom can is every 12 months and the utmost amount they can have is £500.

Grants for Family Service Units — This grant program is being allocated by the government for parents who earn very low income. They must be a resident in rural areas of Scotland and England. For you to start your application, you may inquire with your local social worker of FSU.

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