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Government Grants For Women

Women are considered a minority when it comes to the demographic profiles. That’s why it is a triumph when any woman is recognized or receives aid and is acknowledged by the government. In Canada, there are about one-third of women who are in the business task force. It is wonderful when grants can be given to these self-employed women. There are different kinds of grants. Some grants cover training and enhancement while others focus on starting a business. There are also some grants available that will help established businesses branch out and develop further. Grants will be offered to women depending on their qualifications. Grants come from the local or federal government. In addition, there may be some exclusive offices or non-profit organizations that are connected with the government and willing to hand out grants in line with their requirements and qualifications as well.

Here are some Canadian government grants for women in business. There is a group called the Women’s Enterprise Initiative Loan Program. This group offers grants as well as loans to women. They offer services like training, business loans, and provides away for you to get connected or gather information regarding businesses and services. This kind of grant is offered to any woman living within the four provinces of Canada. One of the requirements of this grant is that the woman must own at least 50% of the business. There is quite a sum available in this grant in that women can be granted up to $150,000.

Isn’t it also wonderful that there are also Canadian government grants for women in business especially for those who are still undergoing training? There is an apprentice grant program available for women who are working on getting certified for a specific training. There are two types of apprenticeship grants namely the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG) and the Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG). You should look into this if you’re hoping to start and finish a course of trade. There are about 20,000 slots for apprentices every year.

Another great government grant is for a more specific group of women and that is the Aboriginal women. It’s for women who specifically have started a business or want to start one in Alberta. The grants or loans available for these women are up to at least $10,000. Depending on what fits your qualification, you can receive training as well as follow up for your business. It is important that you are keen and have strong desire to start or develop the business further.

The Canadian government has seen the potential of business women in their country. They have also acknowledged the role that women play in the business world. So it’s really wonderful that they are setting aside some money to help these deserving women. If you’re a woman looking for financial aid, I recommend that you start researching on the internet for groups that will offer grants to you. Research today to find a grant that can fit you; it would be a waste to pass up a great opportunity.

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