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Government grants home improvement loans which are better? Well the government grants are much better to obtain since you do not have to pay them back. However getting a governmetn grant for home imporovements may not be that easy to obtain.

Most people don’t even know you can obtain government grants to improve your home. Grants are not just obtained on the federal level they are also obtained on the state and local levels as well. Generally what happens with grant money is the federal government of the United States allocates so much money and then they give it to the States. Then the states give it to the counties and the city governments to be allocated for various purposes.

There are many different types of grants for home improvement, one that comes to mind is storm windows. Through various government programs the grants help people that qualify obtain new energy efficient windows for their homes. In some cases they may also help you obtain more insulation for your home as well. Thus helping make the home more energy efficient and not use as much electricity on heating and cooling.

It is also said that just by changing your thermostat by 1 degreen in the summer time can save you as much as 5% on your electric bill. That is for temperatures between 75 and 78 degrees. So, if you increase your homes temperature from 75 to 76 you could save 5% on your electric bill. And if you increase the temp even more you could save even more on electricity. I am not sure how accurate those numbers are but you should do your research. It sounds good anyway and yes I am sure you will save some money if you increase your thermostate’s temperature in the summer time. However be sure you keep your home at a comfortable temperature for you. Perhapse the use of fans will also help make your home more energy efficient in the summer as well by moving the cool are from one place to the other.

You will need to check in your local area for home imporovement grants that will help you with your specific needs. There are so many different government programs through out the U.S.A. it is virtually impossible for any one website to keep up with all the information. So, do your research and see if you can find grants in your area for home improvements as opposed to home improvement loans. Loans you will for sure have to pay back at a certain amount of interest, at least with grants you never have to pay the money back if you find the right ones and you qualify for them.

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