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Government Grants and Loans for Felons

There are many available government grants and loans for felons that can help them get the second chance in their life. The funds received from these grant opportunities can help them get involved in education and with that get the proper work opportunity. These programs which are providing the government grants are designed to help ex-felons get employed and help the community in order to stay out of trouble and criminal. Grants and loans for felons are available through various agencies that are collaborating with few government departments and the Bureau of Justice Assistance. We are going to show you few of these available grant and loans opportunities.

  • Second Chance Assistance

Those ex-felons who are willing to do something good and go on with their life can get the proper financial support through this Second Chance Assistance. This act has a long history behind it providing millions of dollars to many non-profit organizations and federal agencies across the country. This financial aid programs are designed as job courses that can help the felons find employment right after they get off out of prison. SCA grants and loans for felons can be also used for developing rehabilitation and education programs within the prisons and many other communities. The payments must be monitored and channeled through the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

  • Pell Grants

This grant opportunity can help many low-income felons who want to go on with their education. These grant programs are given through the Department of Education and are made to help students covering the educational expenses. The money can help felons cover heating bills, tuition cost, food purchase and rent.

It’s important to note that this financial aid isn’t made for felons, but they are eligible for applying. Acquiring further education can help them get sustained and well paid work. This means that they can go on with their life staying out of trouble and avoid back into the old life where they were involved in crime.

Felons who want to apply to this grant opportunity must be aware that there are some specific criteria offered by the US Department of Education. Felons who were involved in possessing or dealing with narcotic are not eligible for receiving the Pell Grant. You can visit the official website and get more information about eligibility.

  • Youth Felon Assistance

This support program offers grant opportunities in order to help ex-felons who are aged between 14 and 24. These funds are offered by the Department of Labor and can be used for distancing youngsters away from committing different kinds of crime. The funds received from these grants and loans for felons are also used for creating employment opportunities among the young ex-criminals. The programs can help them increase their vocational skills, get educated, open work opportunities, etc. There are dozens of job training programs and programs for getting the basic education. The felons must visit programs for upgrading their Math and English knowledge.

There is a second chance for everybody.

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