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Pay Off Bills With Government Grants

The word Grant refers to a specific fund distributed by one party or entity, which in many cases is a Government department, to a needy recipient for both profitable and non-profitable purposes. In developed first world nations like the United States, Government grants are available for a host of different uses or application relevant to the recipient party, which may be an individual or an organization.Government Grants are available for education, starting small businesses, to pay off debts & even home improvements. In the US people can even make use of grants to pay off bills; surprised!

How to Pay off Your Bills with Government Grants

Well actually not a lot of people know about this but in the US & also some other countries it is actually possible to pay off your overdue bills with Government grants. Nowadays a few T.V commercials about Government grants to pay off bills are aired from time to time. But these commercials mostly promote such grants as a way to pay off credit card debts. Although this is not totally incorrect but just to set things straight, there is officially no grant distributed by the US Government that can be used to clear credit card debts. Just try directly asking for one in any Government office & you will find yourself back home a lot faster. Of course the T.V commercials don’t lie to your face; there is a way to work around this problem. Firstly you need to get all the required documentation in order.

Documents and Credentials required for Government Grants to Pay of Bills

The set of required documents include your social security card, tax papers for three previous years, birth certificate, and papers on any assets that you have like a car or a house. The same information will also be required on all the residents of your household related or unrelated, the only exception being a paying guest, in which case you may have to include the rent as part of income. While applying for the grant itself you must go through all your card expenditures to qualify specific purchases or payment liabilities & not the entire bill for the grant. By doing this you can effectively take the help of Government to clear up at least some of your credit card related expenses.

There are also grant programs that help pay off other types of bills & expenses & most of these programs are run by the state or the county administration. The best example of such programs is grants to pay off hospital bills. In order to avail these grants you have to speak to the hospitals patient advocate. Their job is this respect is to locate Government issued funds that are available through the hospital. Be sure to contact Family Services in order to find out if your hospital expenses can be cleared with emergency Medicaid funds which are almost always issued by the County. Families with very low income or simply poverty stricken people may be eligible for direct state assistance programs.


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