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Government Grants To Start Small Business

It’s hard, setting up a business from scratch & more so if it’s a small scale enterprise. Why? You ask, well think about it, if someone is thinking of setting up a small business it stands to reason that he or she doesn’t have a lot funding to back them up. Small business owner’s always struggle to stretch their investment capabilities, especially if they are just starting out. Now what if the Government were to actually provide funding to help such budding small time entrepreneurs to truly stand up?

Sounds too good to be true right? But it is. Such a thing does exist in the form of a myriad of Government grant & general assistance programs, specifically designed to help small start-ups. Although not all of these programs are best suited for new entrepreneurs & a sizeable percentage of such programs that you come across are scams, it’s still worth the risk to search for free Government grants to start small businesses right?

 Although such grants are provided by several Governments world-wide for ambitious entrepreneurs in the US there is a simple process for locating specific governments grants that are best suited to the particular start-up it is meant for & that process starts with a website – You may have already heard of it & if you have then you know that the search process itself is enormous & confusing at the same time, but with the right set of tips & tools coming up with a grant program that suits you is actually quite simple. After you get to the site go to the advanced search page & remember to tick the check boxes of several search parameters that are given on the page. The most important of which is the box named ‘Open Opportunities’ which will get you search results for current grant programs being offered by the government.

If you are interested in checking older offerings then also remember to check the ‘Closed’ and ‘Archived’ boxes as well. Next comes eligibility, you need to know which grant programs your enterprise will be eligible. There are a host of eligibility related options provided but the most relevant categories for small businesses are – Small enterprises, For general profit enterprises which cannot be simple categorized as small, Others, Individual entrepreneurs, & of course open to any type of entity.

Ideally all these aforementioned options should be highlighted during selection if you are a small business owner. Of course you can narrow down the search further like defining your racial background – e.g like from Native American tribes or other minorities. You can also target the search for grant programs from specific Government agencies or programs for business models similar to yours. When all the parameters are set hit search button & from then on there’s just one thing you need to do & do a lot of it & that’s read & get to know the grant programs which best suit you & your business.

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