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Grant Money For School Libraries Sponsored By Various Foundations

It is important for the library to meet the needs of its patrons. Therefore, acquiring of updated books may be required. Since the purchasing of books consumes a huge part of the library’s budget, many aren’t able to meet the desired upgrade at a specific time. This situation has led the creating of grant money for school libraries. The grant money is offered to libraries, which cannot afford buying updated books. It is offered from several different organizations. One very famous provider of these grants is the Lions Club.

The organization sponsoring the buying of books of a certain library may or may not provide the full amount. Many sponsors prefer to shoulder just a part of the overall expenses. Some, however, prefer to completely handle the cost. The method of how the financial support is granted differs according to the sponsor and the actual needs of the library. Whatever method is applied, the library considered for the support is guaranteed with good financial assistance.

If you are looking for grant money for school libraries, consider approaching any of the following five foundations or associations. They can certainly give you adequate financial assistance in improving the school’s library.

Literacy for a Lifetime

The Education Development Corporation (EDC) has offered an effective grant program that cooperates with businesses, organizations, and private individuals. The goal of the program is to help local learning institutions like libraries meet their objectives. EDC has also established a particular activity that is aimed to develop good curriculum for schools. To find out more about the financial assistance program, which the EDC has offered, consider contacting the corporation directly.

Libri Foundation

This is a non-profit organization, which developed the Books for Children program. Through the said program, there will be children books donated to public libraries all over the country. Qualified rural libraries under this program are those independent or libraries, which are part of a country or cooperative library system. School libraries that are entitled for this grant are those that serve as public libraries and are open year round. Interested applicants can visit the foundation’s website and make a request for a copy of the application form. Requested application forms will be mailed. After filling out the form, submitting it directly to the foundation is required. Read about the complete application process on their website before you decide to take further steps.

Build a Bear Workshop Foundation

This particular foundation is supported by the Build a Bear Workshop Company. It offers adequate grant money to improve literacy for children. The usual amount granted under this foundation ranges from $1,000 to $10,000. Anyone interested can only apply once a year. The grant application sent will be reviewed and processed for 90 days. The company emails their decision on whether your application got approved or not.

There are hundreds of other foundations available to help libraries financially apart from the three foundations mentioned above. To get a list of names of organizations or associations sponsoring grants for libraries, you may start researching online.

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