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Grant Money Women – Where You Can Find It?

Women organizations offer bigger grant money women nowadays. The Women’s Funding Network revealed that the budget established by grant makers, whose targets are women, has increased. This fact indicates that more and more opportunities are being prepared for ladies out there who lack the financial means to get their needs and reach their goals.

Considering that there are distinct types of government grants for women, it is significant for an applicant to check out the overview of the grant before submitting an application. It is crucial to discover the purpose of each type to figure out which one is most suitable for you. Reading and understanding details may take time, but this is among the steps that you must do to succeed. Don’t worry about spending much time and effort because what you get at the end surely will surpass what you have invested.
The various types of women grants came from the different grant makers. To give you an idea of some of these grant makers, this article will let you explore six foundations that offer financial aid programs for women.

AARP Foundation’s Women’s Scholarship Program

Women at the age of 40 and up, who has a low to moderate income can apply for financial assistance under this program. They can communicate with the Foundation of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) to find out about the other qualifications and requirements. The money given under this support program is intended to pay for the person’s continuing education. Education has been the focus because it can lead to better employment.

American Association of University (AAUW) Education Foundation
Like AARP foundation’s program, the AAUW funding program also focuses on education. The organization targets the improvement of education because it can help women achieve their career advancement. Women, who have earned a higher degree of education, gets higher opportunities to land a high-paid position.

Liz Claiborne Foundation

Funding under the foundation’s program is given to non-profit organizations, which are handling issues that impact women like domestic violence. It also has developed certain programs wherein girls and women receive help in boosting their self-esteem.

Boston Women’s Fund

The Boston Women’s fund is intended to support philanthropy, educating the general public regarding injustices, and community leadership. It favors groups that are run by women.

Exxon Mobil Foundation

The Exxon Mobil Foundation has established the Educating Women and Girls Initiative (EWG). The EWG helps women reach their goals. It provides advice and financial support to women in order for them to run the battle. It may offer cash to launch or enhance a business or set up an organization.
Ellis L. Phillips Foundation

This foundation supports organizations that are based in New England. It provides cash for women to finish her studies. Also, it supports arts and music, historic preservation, rural human services.

With all these six types of government grants for women, it is quite tough to choose. Each foundation program has its own purpose. This is why you should check out the overview of each type before you decide.

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