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Grants For Unemployed People

Unemployment is a serious threat posed on growth and development of any society. Nowadays, many economies are carrying job saturated markets and are developing the down sized firms because of which a number of people are not receiving employment and are being laid-off. 9.1% of the labor force of United States has been found to be unemployed as per the reports made in September, 2011. U.S Government has taken this issue quite seriously and has decided to issue the grants for unemployed people to help them cope up with their hard times.

How grants for unemployed people are issued and which areas they cover? Here are the details covering and clarifying the whole topic. First of all, let’s discuss the criteria according to which qualification of people is checked for the “grants for unemployed people”. There are basically three requirements to possess i.e. you must have to be “American” by nationality or legal citizen as per you passport and being a legal citizen, you must have to be a guardian or parent of one child, minor by age also. Secondly, your income must have to be lower than the taxable amount of income or you must not keep any job or you must have to show that you have been fired. Thirdly, your presence in the state where the grants are offered will also be calculated. There can be variation in the criteria, depending upon the state where you are living.

Once you will qualify for the grant then it will be decided that which kind of unemployment grant you are eligible for. Either you need income support or money for trainings and diplomas or job search assistance or assistance for health care. There are certain conditions with which “grants for unemployed people” are backed by and those are of interest rates and deadlines of repaying them. These grants are issued on a very high interest rate because no credit history of the applicant is checked before granting them which involves a serious risk of going default. Though the deadlines are kept soft i.e. pay as you get hired but they ask you to get a job within at least two to three years. So, these grants are called to be “free money” but contextually they are not that “free”.

Many people also think that when they will be awarded unemployment grant, they will just sit back and have all their needs fulfilled easily. Well, the reality is not so. These grants do not pay very high amounts that can facilitate you for all of your expenditures in this time of heightened inflation. You will be able to buy the basics for your life only. Some may think small amount to be bad but according to my opinion, this strategy is great. One might lazy by earning without working and might not struggle to get the job. Restricted fulfillment of needs will definitely keep him active to struggle for some job and will not let him sleep with sweet dreams.

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