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Uncle Sam has been generous in the sense that he allows groups and individuals to have the opportunity to get free money, otherwise known as a grant. A grant is aid in the form of money which does not need to be repaid to the federal or local government. There are different kinds of grants available that you can almost find one to suit any need. For example, if you need money for a college education or money to start a business so that you can be more stable financially, there is a grant for that. If you come from a minority and need economic opportunities because you have fewer chances of being seen and heard, there’s a grant out there for you too. Perhaps you also need a grant which can help fund utilities and electric bills for low income families; a grant exists to take care of that.

Some people wish and need that they could have their very own house. Owning a house is like saying that you are secure and stable. Owning a house will give you a peace of mind because you know you’ll never be chased out by landlords and because you have something to pass on to your children. A grant from Uncle Sam can make your dreams of owning a house come true. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants are given to individuals or groups for different kinds of purposes and goals. Many families that earn a minimal income a year usually apply for these government grants. Some grants are also awarded to a neighborhood which means that the whole community has an opportunity for change and a better life. There are also grants that are applicable to minorities such as Indians and other natives of Alaska.

Read on to learn more about housing urban development grants for Indians. The federal government gives financial aid directly for this kind of grant. The Indian Community Development Block Grant or otherwise also known as the ICDBG gives Indian communities the chance to have better economic opportunities to become self-reliant and for them to have their own home. Bear in mind that this kind of grant is given to members of society who have low incomes.

There are different categories for this kind of grant. Money can either be directed for housing, community facilities, or economic development. Money that is intended for housing can be used by the community to own land and for housing rehabilitation. Community facilities that have money reserved is being used to take care of some infrastructure and to take care of sewers, the drainage system and even the roads. The money intended for community facilities could also be used to build multipurpose centers where everyone from the community can benefit from. The government has not forgotten that it is important for a community to have the opportunity to sustain itself. When this happens, it means that the local people are thriving and can meet their basic needs which is always a good sign. So for economic development, money goes towards industries or even to farms and the development of other agricultural land.


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