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How to Claim It: Your Unclaimed Property, California State Controller

Your Unclaimed Property and the State Controller

Your unclaimed property, California State Controller and you are involved in the discussion. Unclaimed properties are those items or account which has an inactive owner for at least three years. These properties are often forgotten or ignored by their owners. Others have already moved out of the state or died without their heirs knowing the existence of such properties. The Unclaimed Property Law obliges business establishments such as associations, corporations, financial institutions, and insurance companies to turn over unclaimed properties to the state for safekeeping and proper disposal and delivery to its rightful owners. Up to now, there are about 6.4 billion dollars worth of unclaimed properties in California. These unclaimed properties belong to approximately 21.5 million individuals and groups. As the rightful owner of these properties, you are still entitled to claim these.

How to Find and Claim Your Properties

To find your unclaimed property, the California State Controller’s site is the first place you should visit. The California State Controller’s website can be accessed at A search option will be there for you to enter data about the unclaimed property you have been looking for. The site will give you search results starting with their latest acquisitions registered on their database. Their data base is being updated every time a new property is being dealt with the California State Controller’s custody. Their call center is also available to accept phone calls but only during office hours. They can be contacted at (800) 992-4647 (Nationwide) or (916) 323-2827 (Outside US). The Office of the State Controller is also open to accept emails from potential claimants like you.

Other Things You Need to Know

To find the owner of an unclaimed property, California State Controller’s office reaches all possible sources of contacts about the owner. Your unclaimed property can already be accessed on their website as early as the holder of your property notifies the agency about your property’s status. On the other side, properties such as inactive accounts on banks are not allowed to be turned over to the State Controller if the owner has still active account at the same bank. Also, your heirs can claim your properties in case you are already deceased.

File Your Claim and Get Your Property

Claim your property so you can make use of it. Do not let others claim it. After finding your unclaimed property, California State Controller’s Office is more than willing to help you claim your most awaited property.

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