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Teaching is the noblest profession as many people say. Well, I believe on that saying and teachers continuously assisting more students to gain enough knowledge that can aid them in future. On the other hand, not all students who graduated in their secondary level aim to be an educator in future. This is the reason why there is still a scarcity of teachers especially in depressed areas where a lot of students need to be taught. In 2007, the government designed a program that can aid students, who don”t have the capacity to study in college but are willing to teach in areas where their service is indeed needed. This program aims to assist both students who cannot continue their college education but are enthusiast to teach and serve students who belong in low earning households.  This is a great program where everyone can certainly benefit from.  Information on gov grants for teacher is available right here to assist you with necessities for your education. One of the most well-known education government grants is the TEACH Grants Program (Teacher Educ Assistance for College & Higher Education).  This program is under the 2007 Act for College Cost Reduction & Access which aims to provide opportunity for eligible students who wanted to finish their education to serve students in rural areas. This program allocates $4,000 annually for qualified scholars who also belong in a low earning household. If you want more information, you can personally inquire through the financial office of the college or university where you want to study or where you are currently studying.


In line with this government grant type, you have to agree that you will provide full service of teaching in public or private primary and secondary fields in areas with great necessity for teachers. If you the TEACH grant, you have to at least finish 4 academic years in 8 calendar years of finishing the entire study program upon receiving this award program. Let me advise you that upon failure to complete your service commitment, you have to reimburse the amount that you receive through this program. It will be then converted into Unsubsidized Direct Loan through the Federal Government. This loan needs to be reimbursed to the Education Department of United States with additional interest. You will be provided 6 months refinement period before the reimbursement before this financial assistance gets converted into Unsubsidized Direct Loan.

How To Become Eligible For TEACH Grant

Here are the criteria to become qualified for TEACH Grants Program.

·           Fill up a FAFSA or Student Aid Free Application Form even though you are not obliged to show your financial necessity

·           Bonafide United States citizen or a qualified non-citizen

·           Must be a graduate in an institution for postsecondary education or an enrolled undergrad or post-baccalaureate student who opted to take advantage TEACH Grant.

·           Enrolled in any teaching related course or education course that majors a specific field such as Mathematics, English and Science.

·           Must reach certain academic qualification such as passing a college admission examination with 75th percentile or has a General Point Average of 3.25

·           Must fill up and sign an AGREEMENT for TEACH grants program that you are willing to serve as full time instructor in areas where your assistance is needed.

Here is the list of fields that are in great necessity of teachers:

·           Acquisition of English Language & Bilingual Education

·           Foreign Language

·           Specialist on Reading

·           Mathematics

·           Science

·           SpEd or Special Education

·           Others (please visit this site for more lists of fields that are in need of teachers: <>.

There are also lists of schools that assist students who belong to a low earning household and if you want to check out those schools, you may go to this website: <>.

What are you waiting for, you may begin researching and applying for this government grant if you are interested to teach in future. this is a great deal with the government so don”t miss this chance.

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