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Is There Such Thing as Free Money from the US Government

There has been a big question mark standing in front of the grants that the US Government is offering to individuals and organizations. The question truly is whether free money really do exist or not. Many politicians have claimed that they have never seen programs like that, with free money given from the government.

Although there are many examples of free money offered to some organizations or simply to local governments, still many politicians advise us to try to think about the fact that money never comes to us with no strings attached. There is always some catchy thing which we don’t see at first, but later can be of a significant meaning for everything connected with the grant and our plans. This may sound a little too pessimistic for some of you, but to them it’s just a type of measure they take in order to be protected from scams and frauds.

Experts claim that yes, there are free money from the US Government but they are small  amounts and not easy to find. They advise using as research browser for getting information about grants. There are more grants or free money available for organizations and companies than for individuals.

One web site, looking for correct information about these free money in form of a grant, contacted 5 businessmen who have received a grant. They are successful in their work and they have all done this thanks to the free money they have received from the US Government.

Amarillo Economic Development Corp is another example that free money does really exist. This corporation has helped 26 businesses from 1996 using this free money. Many of the owners of these businesses have been starters and newcomers, and some have been new in the business, starting with the business half-year before they applied for government grants.

You can notice that grants or better said, free money are available to people only in some special occasions and circumstances or to organizations which have connections or find themselves on the right place in the right time.

It is obvious that as there are examples of people who have gained free money and have managed to fulfill their plans, there are also examples of people who have wanted to start with something and expected that a government grant will be very easy to get, but this was not the case. There is an example of a woman who wanted to open a centre for kid’s sports and everybody encouraged her that it’s a really good idea and she should apply for a Government grant. But, when she got on the interview, the counselor who worked there was the one that had to tell her the truth. That those free money are not available for her.


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