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Loans And Small Business Grants – Get To Know Them

Loans and small business grants are meant to help aspiring entrepreneurs with promising businesses. Individuals, who plan to put up an enterprise, but don’t have the adequate money for the start-up capital, can benefit much from these financial assistance programs. The first step to be done is checking out SBA.GOV online. It’s the official website of the U.S. Small Business Administration, which can tell you a lot about loans and small business grants. Checking out the site will help you explore the various kinds of financial assistance programs as well as the requirements, qualifications, application process, and other relevant facts.

Government grants and loans for business are two different forms of funding. Grants are free, while loans aren’t. Loans demand repayment on a certain date specified in the agreement between the loan provider and person receiving the loan. Repayment includes interests. If the loan provider is a public or government entity, you can expect a very low interest rate. Loans with huge interests are usually those offered from private organizations or corporations. Therefore, if you want to get a loan, which will not cost you high upon repaying, consider getting those from the government or public entities. Many community groups or associations can let you borrow money with a super low interest. As long as you abide by the regulations and maximize the use of money, repaying will not be that difficult.

How to Apply for SBA Loans

There will be an extensive documentation required in order to thoroughly assess your loan request. Thus, you have to make your presentation excellent to capture evaluators’ attention and to convince and encourage them to consider you for business loans.

The application process for SBA loans starts from constructing a very effective loan proposal. The proposal must contain specific details in order for the lender to understand your business. You may have to approach the lender to gain some ideas regarding how you should write your proposal. Remember that the loan proposal format differs according to the lender. However, while there are various kinds of proposal formats, they usually include some general elements such as the following.

Executive Summary
Business Profile
Management Experience
Loan Request: SBA Form 4
Loan Repayment
Collateral: SBA Form 4-a
Personal Financial Statement: SBA Form 413
Business Financial Statements
Proposed Business

In addition to the elements stated above, other documents will also be part of the general format. Other documents may pertain to the franchise agreement, purchase agreement, articles of incorporation, letters of reference, letters of intent, contracts, and partnership agreement. Contact the SBA if there are things hard for you to understand. It is better to seek clarifications from the direct source compared to searching for answers from second or third degree sources. Information from the SBA’s official website is free. Hence, you don’t need to pay anything to access your needed facts. You may also email your inquiries about effective alternatives to requirements that you don’t have. The administration can for sure explain to you a few considerations that may apply to your status of application.

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