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Pell Grant Amount Stays The Same

Low and moderate income earners struggle their way to have their children finish school. Most American students work double time to sustain the cost for higher education. They usually work two or more jobs to pay tuition bills. Many of them avail the Federal Pell Grant to help finance the bachelor’s degree they plan to complete in time.

One should know how much the Pell Grant amount is for 2011. The good news is Pell Grant amount stays the same. The highest amount a student can receive while attending full time in school is set at $5,550 a year, or $2,775 for every semester. The government grants has increased to 200 dollars this year for every grantee. This may seem not an interesting figure to spend for college, but it is enough to send children to their desired school.

The Pell Grant highest and lowest amounts

You should also concern yourself with the highest and lowest amounts that you will receive when you avail other Pell Grant amounts. Whether you attend school on a part time or full time basis, the Pell Grant has now been disbursed. The school grants you usually receive will vary on the number of credit hours you are trying to win this year.

Usually, a full time student will be given the smallest award of $555. For 2011-2012, a projected $3,770 is its average award amount. The free government grants in relation to enrollment status are $5,550 for full time students; $4,163 for three quarter time; $2,775 for half time, and $1,388 for less than half time.

How to apply for Pell Grant

All students interested in availing a college grant shall accomplish the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. This application will determine the amount each student and his family are expected to contribute for his college education. The FAFSA determines the government grants awarded to each student; and almost all schools utilize this form as the basis for their own awarding of financial assistance.

Students must be prepared with all documents required for FAFSA application. This usually takes an hour to fill out.  Before completing this application, students must have their tax forms and bank statements. It could be those from their parents.

What to include in the FAFSA application are information of the student, his dependency status, his parents, their finances, and the list of schools that would like to receive the FAFSA results. FAFSA may be accomplished through online access for a speedier and more convenient result.

Who benefits a Pell Grant?

A Pell Grant provides financial assistance to low or moderate income students to avail scholarships for college, be a working student or have low cost loans. This is also a privilege that students or parents who have lost their jobs can enjoy. An equivalent amount will help them qualify the U.S. government grants. Once the form is accomplished, students can determine their contribution for the education they intend to finish.


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