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Pell Grant Qualifications For 2011

Applying for a government grant like Pell Grant has never been better than the 2011-2012 school years! Those days when you had to take a minimum amount of enrollment hours just to receive financial assistance are over. You can pursue a higher education all throughout the semesters. And what could be better news than having a free government grant amounting to a maximum of $5,500. The Federal government aims to continue its effort to expand the Pell Grant on a yearly basis. And they hope for more in the next years to come.

The Pell Grant qualifications for 2011 remain the same. Students should at least be American citizens or permanent residents of the country. They should possess a high school diploma, GED or any proofs that entitle them to this privilege. They should be enrolled in a college where they have never earned a bachelor’s degree. They must have a valid social security number, and that they have clean character background.

The Pell Grant qualifications for 2011 also states that these people should come from low or moderate income families. Their income is evaluated by the U.S. Department of Education through the Expected family Contribution (EFC). A higher EFC will lower the financial need of the family. How the government determines the financial need is the cost of attendance minus the EFC. The highest threshold for this school year is 5,273. The EFC value must be lower or even closer to zero to qualify the Pell Grant. This will also entitle you to higher award amounts.

Interested students who wish to avail this government grant will need to accomplish a FAFSA form. This is usually given by the Student Aid Centre. This may also be accomplished by downloading the form or accessing the government site catering to this service.  The last option is preferred as it is fast and very convenient; you can easily obtain results. Instructions are also provided on how to accomplish the form. You might even need your parents’ or your own tax records, driver’s license and most recent bank statements. Completing the form will usually take an hour to accomplish.

Once the form is completed, you and your parents will be requested to sign electronically through a given personal identification pin (PIN). You will get the PIN when you apply for it with the given form. After submitting the form, this will be processed for about two to three weeks. You need to wait a little further before the Student Aid Report will be sent to you. This is sent by the Federal Student Aid, which is responsible for processing the Pell Grant.

When applying for this school grant, you should ensure that all details shown in your application are factual and completely filled out. You should also remember to submit before the deadline. This allows your application for the U.S. government grant to be processed on time. Once awarded the college grant, this will benefit you as you now see yourself finishing the education of your dreams.


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