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Penn Foster Student Grant

Penn Foster student grant showed up earlier in 2008 when this college has started with its official grant program. These grants are given like scholarships for those students who can’t afford paying for school on their own. This college has really interesting grant program for making students enroll for their school. Penn Foster enables students get a degree in many study fields. Some students are interested into learning online and exactly this is offered by the school. Penn Foster student grant is given through the project called Working Mom Scholarship.

This highly appreciated school is involved in the grant programs five years now and partnered with few other organizations. This project helps all working moms to follow their dream and finish college. All mothers who are interested into work & study project, can apply for this Penn Foster student grant. The school has awarded more than $2 million to more approximately 50,000 mothers who were eligible for this grant. Project Working Mom, the name of this grant or scholarship, launches different contest every year.

Penn Foster student grant gives financial help for those in need. According to a recent research, all working mothers are facing many difficulties and barriers that stop them from enrolling to a college. These barriers are:

  • Time
  • Confidence
  • Money

I think we don’t need to explain why these barriers occur when it comes to attending college when you are a mom. The good thing about this school grant assistance is not only that offers financial help, also offers online center for finding the proper resources. Who don’t want to finish college and gain more respect at work? This helps raising the awareness and confidence for them and it can create great network system.

So, what are the features?

This Project Working Mom, which involves the Penn Foster College, offers full cover of the tuition fee. Each year, new change occurs depending on school participation and funding. This grant project is not only for working mothers, working fathers also can apply to this grant. It doesn’t matter if they are divorced or proud parents of adult or little children. The only requirements that you need to meet are you need to be US citizen and over 18 years of age.

If you want to apply for this grant, go to the official website of Project Working Mom and file the submission. The application must be fulfilled with all required information and some additional requirements. It can only be filled online and by the end of every April or September. You need to give your bio information and write a 1,500 word long essay. You must give your best at this essay describing why you need an online college degree. Winners of this Penn Foster student grant will be announced on the official website and informed by email.

Many colleges are offering student grants in order to attract more students. These grants don’t require to be refunded.

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