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Real government grants for individuals, do people really get government grants? Are they really able to obtain money to do just about anything with it? Well, things are not quite as they seem, generally when you see a commercial on television about grant money you think all the wrong things.

That is because the company selling or promoting all that stuff does not want you to know the truth about obtaining grants or they want to sell you something. They want to give you free seats to some seminar somewhere and at the seminar they are going to try and sell you books or memberships or something like that. All kinds of stuff. So, be careful too and don’t fall for government grant scams where they ask you for money.

I have gotten dozens of emails asking me if the government is associated with a program that asks for money in advance in order to obtain a government grant for $7000. This is a big scam that people are falling for. The person on the phone asks you to send them a money order or also to wire them money via western union. Do not do this, it is a scam. You won’t get a grant and you will never see your money again. So if you get a phone call be sure and ask who those people are and where they are from so you can turn them in to the proper authorities.

There is no telling really how many people each day these folks scam. So, remember beware of anyone that calls you or sends you mail asking for money in order to get a government grant. More than likely it is a big scam and you need to do your very best to stay awy from those people. If they ask you for money upfront or to send them money via western union or some other way. Don’t give anyone your money you will not get anything in return. There are so many scammers out there trying to steal your money it is not funny so be careful or you just may fall victim youself to this latest scheme someone is running in order to get people’s money.

Please refer to the federal trade commission website for more information about grant scams and schemes.

Federal Trade Commission

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