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Not all people can buy a brand new house for their family. It may take several years for you to deposit funds in a bank to have sufficient money to buy a house in future. Well, there are available housing loans however, not all people can qualify for it because not everyone earns the amount that can qualify for loan programs. It is very expensive to rent a house. There might be times that you skip the deadline of payment of your house rental due to financial shortage.  Imagine how heavy it is to carry the burden caused by continuous increase with all the expenses of people every day. Today, the government offers rental assistance for everyone who needs it. Even if for a short span of time, you will be able to feel the ease away from the expenses of renting a house.  Who are eligible for rental assistance? How can people acquire this type of opportunity? Is it reimbursable or not? These are some of the common questions people ask when they hear about free financial assistance from the government. Since award funds came from people’s taxes, then why do people need to forfeit this chance? Anyone who earns less than the set amount to receive rental assistance can apply for this award program. To get more specific information who can qualify for rental assistance, you must adhere with the following:  The maximum amount for house rents ranges from $200 – $450 every month. Quite big isn’t? I know you can buy a lot with these amounts. However, we cannot do anything since not all has the capacity to buy their house.   A pension receiver (you need to be below 21 years old as well as a recipient of pension for Disability Support)   A person with dependents who are still children as well as getting more than Household Tax Benefit base rate.  Taking care of kids from 14-35% of her time who don’t to qualify for FTB but was able to meet the requirements for household tax benefit. Allowance or benefit recipients and don’t have any children dependent.

·           Must be more than 25 years old

·           Married

·           Independent (those who are 25 years of age who doesn’t live with their parents)

The government also found out that the location where people live in is one of the great factors why people can’t buy a house or even pay their house rentals. Rent assistance is non-reimbursable. Here are some of qualifications:

·           Holds an agreement for tenancy (for lease) within your state or area authority of housing

·           Currently living in your own house or purchasing house (except for those movable and mobile homes)

·           Must be a homeowner

·           Have a spouse who’s a recipient of assistance for rentals with FTB

·           If you live in Australia, you must be an occupier of a subsidized bed under Australian Government in approved caring facility

·           A pensioned couple who are also recipients of rental assistance

It is very important that you are aware of the opportunities provided by the government. You can assure yourself that you can rely some of your problems through the aid of the government. On the other hand, not all times that the government can assist you with your house rental. Households who are earning very low are the ones who can be eligible for this rental assistance. But not every month, the government will pay for your house rents. If you can’t really pay for it, then it is the best time to ask for their assistance. More opportunities are waiting for you. The government aims to provide a better living and quality life for every citizen so doesn’t let these opportunities slip away. Conduct more researches before you start your application.

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