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Searching the State of California’s Unclaimed Property List

Introduction to Unclaimed Properties

You might just want to have a look at the state of California’s unclaimed property list. There was already $6.4 billion worth of unclaimed properties registered at the state controller’s office. These unclaimed properties belong to approximate 21.5 million individuals and organizations. These properties are now taken care by the California State Controller. Because of the Unclaimed Property Law, business associations, corporations, financial institutions, and insurance companies are required to turn over properties at their custody which owners have already forgotten or ignored. These properties are declared unclaimed after three years of no communication with its owners. Other owners have already moved to another location and forgot to claim their property before leaving while some already died without their heirs knowing that their deceased family member has existing properties under the custody of these business establishments.

Unclaimed Property List Online Access

The state of California’s unclaimed property list is available through the internet. You can access the said list at (California State Controller’s website). A search bar is available for you to enter the details needed to locate your unclaimed property. The system will show you unclaimed properties from owners who have not communicated with the holders of their properties for at least three years. There can be instances that you cannot find your property but you don’t have to worry since the database is updated every time there’s a new arrival of unclaimed properties. Their call center can be contacted at (800) 992-4647 (Nationwide) or (916) 323-2827 (Outside US) but only during office hours. Emails are also accepted by the Office of the State Controller.

Other Important Info About Unclaimed Properties

Owners of the unclaimed properties can be contacted by the California State Controller’s Office with their existing records in the state of California’s unclaimed property list. Their site is always updated so you can always check about the latest acquisitions of the agency. Moreover, inactive accounts in business establishments such as banks cannot declare it as unclaimed as long as the owner of the said account still has active separate accounts with them. The owner and the heirs of the owner (in case of death) are entitled to claim the properties at the State Controller’s Office.

Look at the List and Claim Your Property

Who knows, you might just need your forgotten properties in the future. These are still your assets, no matter how small or huge it is. To be able to claim your property, be sure to check the state of California’s unclaimed property list.

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