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Single Parents Pursuing Higher Education Free

Being a single parent may seem a difficult task as you need to put your education on hold to focus on the needs of your children. But there is hope for single parents pursuing higher education free through government grants provided by the Federal, state and local governments. They can readily avail scholarships through financial assistance given by the government to support their education.

Many women who raise their children alone are often left disadvantaged as they carry the burden of raising kids all by themselves. Aside from providing the basic necessities of the children such as food, clothing and shelter, she needs to nurture and give them all her love. Sometimes, she finds it difficult to have both ends meet. With having a good educational background, this will provide her a decent job to support her kids up till the time they can stand on their own.

Aside from the government, there are other funding agencies that provide financial assistance to single mothers. These are not for profit organizations that offer free money to women to support their college education. They can also provide loan programs to help her shoulder the expense. Or she can render working service to the school she plans to study. These types of funding are given to women who have rendered community service or volunteering.

There are also specialized scholarship programs intended for women who have been abused by their spouses. These programs draw them away from their partners, making them stand up on their own. To provide a better future for her and her children, they send her to school and finance the whole college education. This way, she can stand on her own and learn to value herself and the lives of her kids.

If the single parent has not earned a bachelor’s degree, he or she can apply for a Pell Grant. This government grant is available for people who cannot afford to spend higher education. You do not need to exceed academic excellence in school. The mere need for single parents to pursue higher education for free is all that matters. This grant is usually given by the Federal government on a yearly basis, but they need to be fast as the grant program is limited to few individuals only.

There are also scholarship funding provided for single parents to study abroad. Much as the children are left on their own to take care of themselves as their parent is leaving, but the government ensures that there is a credible guardian to look after them. Scholarships to study abroad are a privilege for qualified students to learn and be familiar with other international schools. This is usually given by international funding agencies like the Australian government and the European Union.

The U.S. government really takes care of its people by providing them all opportunities to finish school. In relation to the “No Child Left Behind Act”, the government grants the government gives will surely be a guarantee to provide the single parent and her children a bright future.

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