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Some Essential Resources for Attaining US Government Grants

US Government declared that they are not giving “free grant” money as a gift anymore. This has completely opposite meaning from the true meaning of the government grants. By definition Grant is a form of a gift that has some certain obligations and expectations of the grantor. So, keeping it this on mind maybe you have already decided that you need help for getting those grants without the US Government. We are offering you some assistance for getting the help you need.

In these following categories you will find your needs and before doing anything check your address or phone book under Government pages for all the numbers and names based on the place you live.


1. Money to expand or start a Small Business

First, the US Government doesn’t provide any kind of grants for expanding or starting small business, but they offer free help in planning your start or improving your already started business. They offer you SBA loans. SBA or Small Business Administration in US has helped couple of thousands US citizens to start small business plan. They help you with planning, training, financing and advocacy for the small companies. Beside this, they are providing you with many training and educational institutions which located nationwide. So, can SBA help you?

If you independently own and operate your small business and it’s not dominating the field and you meet the max standards for having a business then of course they can help you and here is how:

  • They can give you free help with your business planning process
  • They offer loan programs for small businesses
  • SBA loan checklist
  • Business Size limits

2. Federal Resources for Homelessness and Home improvements

  •  Assistance for First time homeowners: HUD (Housing and Urban development) will offer you many assistance programs for buying your first home
  • HUD Assistance programs for Senior Citizen
  • HUD Resource center for veterans: Here you can get combined service of HUD and the Veterans administration.
  • HUD Assistance for improving your Home: They will offer you assistance whether you want to add new addition to your house or you want to fix something.
  • HUD Assistance programs for Homelessness: If you don’t have anywhere to live there is help available. HUD in collaboration with many federal agencies is here to fund programs for you to help and find your home.
  • USDA Service for Rural Housing: This service provides many opportunities for homeownership for rural Americans. Beside this they offer some other programs which are based for repair and renovation. As an addition, they help to those rural residents who has low-income to pay their monthly rent.

3. Federal sources and Assistance for Child care, Family and Students

  • Financial program for Students: These programs are the largest source of aid for students in America. They are providing $70 billion each year for grants, work & study assistance and loans. If you are a student, learn these programs and apply for them.
  • Administration for children & families – ACF: This administration is responsible for enabling many federal programs which can promote different kinds of economic and social needs of communities, individuals, children and families.

4. Federal resources: USDA program for food stamps: This is the most successful assistance for all the people in the US. These resources help the people with low-income to buy adequate food for their diet. This program is operated by local welfare offices and by the State. This program operates in 50 states, Columbia District and US Virgin islands. You can apply for these grants at any social security office or Local SNAP office.

These are the most common categories in which people often need help or assistance and you can use them just to help yourself. And remember – always to look locally first, no matter what kind of help you need.

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