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Government Business Loans

Government business loans are always useful when you don’t have the proper resources for funding your start-up business project. Making your dream come true and starting business on your own can take lots of preparation and money. Self-funding is expected by any money lender you can get, this includes the Government, too. Government loans have … Continue reading

US Government Grants for Farmers

You can find many agencies and organizations that offer grants for farmers. They all collaborate and are getting the money from the US government. Alongside these, there are many other who require additional things to do before getting the money. They very often will mislead you to buy something first in order to get access … Continue reading

US Government Grants for real Estate Investing

Grants for real estate investing given by the US government can help you finance the next project or purchase. If you are searching for your next home ore you are investor in real estate, these grants can be of a good use for you. They are provided by local, state and federal governments and you … Continue reading

US Federal Grants for Health

Among others, federal grants for health are taking the largest percentage in the United States. Health issues are the main reason people need to receive a federal grant for health because many of them can’t afford to get the proper treatment when they fight a disease. The treatments in the United States can be really … Continue reading

US Federal Grants for Home Repair

US Federal Grants for home repair are made to help people that need financial aid in order to fix something in their homes. No matter if it is a simple change of the faucets or a buying something new and big, you need to know some important things about these federal grants. The Federal Housing … Continue reading

Could Non-US Citizens Apply for a US Scholarship grant?

Many non-US citizens are eligible for a US scholarship grant. Just because you’re not born in the USA, doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to apply for a scholarship grant. The category that is most eligible is the one of non-US citizens with a permanent residence in the US, or better explained, those people … Continue reading