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The Grant Dollars For Non-profit Organizations In 2011

If you are a non-profit organization, you have more chances of receiving grant dollars for non-profit organizations in 2011. Government grants focus more on these organizations, especially if it is aimed at improving the community in general. U.S. government grants practically help finance whatever projects you may have; and this can be obtained if you know where to find it.

Government grants are funding that require no repayment. These come from various sources that include the government, private institutions and international organizations. These grants are classified into three categories, which are the unrestricted, restricted and in kind. These are excellent choices when looking for free government grants for non-profit organizations.

Unrestricted grants are intended for many purposes. This grant is general so you can use the money for daily expenses like office rental, payroll, supplies and other needs. Restricted grants are more specific, and the money is spent for what it was intended for. This is helpful to fund specific programs or events of an organization. In-kind grants are not monetary funding but items given away for use. These include equipment, tools, software and more.

Finding grant dollars for non-profit organizations in 2011 will require a little research to comply with the criteria of the program. Following what the grant program requires will increase chances of approval. It all depends on what strategy you implement to arrive at your desired proposal or application.

You will need to determine the free government grants suited for your needs. How you create your proposal will need you to research related information from a public library. Perhaps you have the need to inquire from your librarian about samples of grant resources you can use. You will need to isolate those samples that closely match your organization. You might even need you to photocopy the resource.

Having chosen a grant program will need you to contact the granting agency giving the U.S. government grant. This can be done through phone call. Others prefer their clients to send them an introductory letter stating their intention or desire for the grant. Some grantors initiate a meeting to discuss the project and give all prerequisites of the program. There are also others who prefer everything in writing. You will just need to wait till they make their feedback. You can also check their websites for appropriate guidelines.

When you have all relevant information needed about the program, write a grant proposal while relying on a consultant. The proposal should be written completely, clearly and neatly. All necessary details must be organized and explained briefly. This should include financial statements, summary of top management’s biographies, the purpose of your proposal and more. Deliver this before the deadline to avoid rejection, and allocate time to have your application processed.

Regular follow-ups may be made to check the progress of your application. There may be instances where rewriting or revisions are needed for the proposal. Anyway what is important is the proposal’s approval. You can then dedicate it to fund your projects.


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