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The Most popular US Government Grants Scams in 2013

Have you ever wondered whether you can be deceived easily by people who do grants scams? Well, hopefully you are not one of those individuals who believe in these sorts of things because this year, scams from this type have been on the rise like never before.

A lot of American citizens have been tricked into believing that they have received grant money. People who do these sorts of scams usually do them using the phone. Considering latest statistics, the most popular sort of scam for 2013 is the grant scam over the phone. The authorities have started to question themselves- why is this crime so popular once again? The Department of Consumer Affairs stated the significance and importance of these scams.

Usually, people who do these things are calling American citizens and they are “informing” them that they are the lucky ones who received a grant from the American government. In most cases, they say that the grant is somewhere between 9.000 to 50.000 American dollars. A lot of people, especially elder individuals are tricked by this statement. They truly believe that they have received a government grant and sometimes decide to give away their personal private information that can lead the crooks further to the innocent people’s bank accounts. If someone calls you and tells you that you are the lucky winner and you received a huge amount of money from the government, you should definitely not start to celebrate immediately.

Stop and think for a second- have you ever given your information and filled a grant application? If you did, you might listen to what the person who called you has to say, but if you did not, don’t buy into it! They are only trying to get to your bank account, and they chose the easy way. However, you can easily stop them and not give away your personal information. Another thing you should always have in mind is that people who do these sorts of scams are trying to make their stories sound believable and true, even though they are only lies. In some cases, they can even make up names for firms, corporations and administration offices in order to make their story sound more authentic and convincing.

Some people tend to forget that when they are talking to an unknown person, they should not give away information that is personal to them and that should not be shared with everyone. If somebody starts asking you things that are a bit more personal to you, stop talking to them. They can easily use all of the information you give them for their scam. Also, in most cases, crooks will ask you to pay a certain fee. Well, you should know that government grants are free and there is no fee you are supposed to pay! If you get a suspicious phone call, do not hesitate before reporting it. Who know, your statement might actually help the authorities find the people behind these grants scams.



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