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The top 10 Types of U.S. Government Grants

Government grants are not loans. They are money given by the government in order to help people who are nor financially stable and have low incomes. The money received with grants doesn’t need to be repaid. There are many types of grants that serve different purposes. All grants have criteria in order to determine the one’s eligibility to them. Here’s a list of the top 10 government grants.

Social security retirement is a grant for workers that are retired. You can apply for this grant by going to a social security office nearby or by using the telephone or the internet. In order to apply you must be past certain age and have enough social security credits (40 credits or ten working years).

Supplemental security income is a governmental program aimed to provide money for people and families to buy the essential alimentary products, to provide shelter and clothes. These people are either disabled or have no incomes at all. These grants are funded by taxes paid by corporations and individuals (except workers under FICA). The grant money can be used for medical assistance like paying for doctor bills and other expenses. People receiving this grant are also qualified for food stamps. Criteria for getting this grant are: being a citizen or eligible resident of the U.S.; not leaving the country for a period longer than 30 days and having a disability or being older than 65.

Medicare is a program that provides health insurance. This grant goes to people 65 years old or more, people who are disabled, people with kidney failure. This grant covers (partly) medical and hospital insurance, drug prescriptions and medical advantage.

Medicaid is meant to help those without medical insurance. Every state has different criteria about getting this grant. The common ones are: having a citizenship or permanent residency of the United States; you income must be low; you need to be either pregnant or have disabled children or have children under the age of 19.

Stanfford student loans are available for both graduate and undergraduate students. They can be given by the government (department of education) or a private investor.

Food Stamp grants are used by people with low income, disabled people, people who are unemployed or even homeless so that they can buy necessary food. This program helps more than 28 million people in one month. Before getting this grant a valuation of your income and household resources is being done. The house you live in doesn’t count into resources.

Temporary assistance for needy families is a grant for families with low income. Also for those who have children and for women who are in the last trimester of their pregnancy. This program finances people and helps them find jobs so that they can live a normal life. The goals of this foundation are to help families raise their children in their home. Also to help people stand on their feet by finding them jobs and to encourage the formation of families.

Public housing assistance program provides safe rental places for families with low income. This is managed by housing agencies. The aid is given to people according to annual income evaluation, U.S. citizenship and disability or living in union.



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