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Types Of Education Grants

People have their own choice of what course they would love to take as they enter college. Some courses may be too expensive and some may not. But we can’t really deny that due to economic depletion, the expenses that we might face in college may not be the same as it was before. Each year, tuition fees and other college expenditures get higher and unaffordable. That is the primary problem of those families who can’t even meet the expense of college expenditures due to poverty. This is why the government provided government grants for education that can be very beneficial for a lot of students who are very willing to complete any courses.  In United States, there are various types of education grants available not only for newly grad but as well those who weren’t able to complete their education and willing to continue it at present. Government grants are free funds from people’s taxes that are being allocated for various necessities of people.  In fact, our parents do pay their taxes so it is time for us to take advantage the opportunities from the government. It is like a mutual relationship between the government and its people were both benefit from one another. It is a great deal that the government will not ask you to repay the amount that you will possibly receive. The only thing that you have to do is to use the award funds the way you stated upon submitting your grant application.  Better opportunities await you in future. More companies would rather hire those people who were able to reach the highest level of education because they believe that those people are fast learners and can do various tasks the way they are being instructed. Students might opted to apply for student loans but I suggest that it would be better to apply for education grants because after completing your education, there’s no need to repay the amount that you receive from the government.  Eligibility will be based on the following: need-based and merit-based.

 It only means that everyone can be qualified for these opportunities from the government. In fact single parents and mothers may also qualify for college grants. Let us have a short preview about the available college government grants at present.

Federal Pell Grants – This is the most common government grant that students are applying for. The funds are awarded most of the time for those families earning very low and those who cannot afford to pay all the expenses in college. Millions of students in US have benefited from this award program and continuously helping thousands of students annually. EFC or Estimated Family Contribution is the most important requirements that you need to submit to support your application. Through this, the government can determine if you are qualified and the schools that you opted to study with are one of those accredited universities or colleges that they have on their list. The maximum amount that you can receive annually is $5,550. This amount may increase each year but it depends on the availability of funds.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or FSEOG – It is a type of government financial assistance designed for those students who are in great necessity of financial matters. Those families with tremendously low source of income can be surely assisted by FSEOG and they’ll be sure that their offspring will be fully supported until they successfully completed their desired course. Each year, students can receive $100 – $4,000 and the amount that they can receive will still depend on their necessities. award funds can be claimed through the financial office in your school or a cheque will be sent through mail.

ACG or Grant for Academic Competitiveness – The award funds are provided by the Federal government and the primary bases are merit and need based. There are basic qualifications that you need to meet in order to become eligible for ACG. These qualifications are:

·           At least a US citizen or non-citizen who is eligible to receive government grants

·           A Pell grant recipient

·           At least half-time enrolled in a degree course included in the granting program

·           Enrolled in qualified certificate or undergraduate program

·           At least completed his or her secondary school program

·           Those first year students need to be previously ACG program enrollee at the compulsory age attendance

·           For second year, must obtain 3.0 as the general point average under the grading scale of 4.0 at the first year end of the undergrad study.

TEACH Grant – It is otherwise known as Teacher Education Assistance for College & Higher Education. This government grants program aims to assist those students who are willing to become educators in future and would opt to teach children who are located in rural areas and schools that accommodate students who belong to very low earning families. The amount that they can receive can be as much as $4,000.

If you wish to apply for any of these award funds, it would be better to directly visit the office for financial in your prospective school and to know how the process for the application really flows.

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